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Panama re opening: Stage 2 starts on Monday

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Starting June 1st, Panama will start to re open what has been to this date the stricktest lockdown in the region. Block 2 (or Stage 2) will be active as per Monday. Mainly government construction, social areas and parks up to 25% and churches.  But what we believe is the most important step is the fact that they rolled back the lockdown to a curfew starting at 7 p.m.

Up until now, Panama had divided the lockdown between genders, where days where assigned to men or women, and each person could only leave for two hours depending on the last digit of their ID. As per Monday, everyone will be able to leave their homes (wearing a mask and keeping all the corresponding health meassures) and go about their day, with a curfew at 7 p.m.

With businesses slowly re opening, this is an important step. Moreover, Panama has an important sector of the population (it is said to be up to a 40%) that lives in the informal economy or are independent. This will allow them to start producing through the multiple industries they touch. Like capillaries in a body, they are able to take oxigen where the big arteries can´t, speeding the recovery.

Construction is in Block or Stage 3, and will be the next step. The government has said that the estimated time between stages opening should be around 15 days each. Every business is preparing their health guidelines and protocols, and getting ready. In Casco, many adapted to service by delivery, specially in the food industry. Today, they are getting together to propose a Casco specific plan post Covid.

Construction site

For us, this means quickly going back to our almost finished projects: Casa Balcones and La Manzana. Also to re open construction at Santa Familia (photo), which had started earlier this year. If everything goes well, we´ll be able to welcome 39 new families at La Quince before the end of the year, activate our community projects like recycling and beautification of the area.

Until then, we continue to assist every client from home. We are only a chat/email or call away!


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