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Boozy Sunday Pleasures at Panama

Yupi! it´s Sunday!… or even better… it is Dim Sum Sunday…

Yes, you heard right. Panamanians jump on their feet when thinking about Chinese food.  Why?  Because our cultures basically grew up together.  I don´t think I´ve seen anywhere else the same proportion of Black-chinese / Criollo-chinese than in Panama.  Some of our most stunning Panamanians are from African Chinese parents.

Recently, they celebrated the 150th anniversary of the chinese colony in Panama, basically 50 years more (aprox) than the republic itself. They are everywhere and in everything, a big motor of the economy. But probably the best part of the relationship between Panamanians and Chinese is Dim Sum. We love Dim Sum (Desayuno Chino). And although the original China Town is located in Casco Viejo, Panama´s Colonial Quarter, the best restaurants for Sunday Dim Sum are outside Casco.  A lot of Panamanians are followers of Lung Fung and but I like Golden Unicorn at the Evergreen Building.

Hummm….. it is an affair that takes a couple of hours, so plan on getting up really early (otherwise, you´ll have to do a line…) 8 a.m. is a good hour for this. It is probably the closest thing Panama has to “brunch”. You can linger there until lunchtime, between hampaos, jasmine tea and beer.  Somehow it all mixes well, don´t ask.

And then… straight to siesta! no way you´ll move the rest of the day. Unless you have coffee and cake at another Panamanian icon: Las Hadas. Hotels come and go, but Las Hadas remain. Once you are done with your Chinese breakfast, roll yourself to the Ceasar Park/ Sheraton/ I´m not sure what it is called now (alias, the hotel next to

the ATLAPA Convention Center). Don´t look at the casino, just keep walking. Past the reception, go to the end of the hall where the shops are. Shinning bright at the end of the hall you´ll find a cute place with wonderful sweets.

If you have space, coffee is very good and sweets and great. After that, you´ll better book a room and sleep right where you are….

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