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New! Guayabera opens a store in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo The Guayabera is a classic image of tropical elegance. Usually associated with Cuba, many don´t know it has always been very popular in Panama because it has a flair that reminds us of our traditional “camisilla”.  I remember being always envious of those fresh shirts men got to wear, until recently, when “Panabrisa” started making dresses for women on the same style. Loved them! So you can imagine my enthusiasm when “Guayaberas”, the store that carries Panabrisa (a brand with more than 50 years designing and selling guayaberas) showed an interest in Casco Viejo. After a lot … Continue reading

Barlovento at Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Roof top terraces are always nice experiences, specially during summer: fantastic breeze and the feeling of openness that calls for a great cocktail.  Barlovento is all roof terrace, a chill out corner at Central Avenue and 10th Street, a couple of steps away off from Plaza Herrera. Count the stars sipping a tropical Mojito!

Starting 2013 with New Businesses, New Offers and Anniversaries!

Casco Viejo, Panama After being away for a while on vacation, we just came back to a good number of new stuff going on! We just missed on an audio visual festival, but we look forward to the Film Festival coming to Casco this April. I`ll post more on that later. This Sunday, our friend Matt Landau will proudly represent Casco on the second edition of IronMan Panama.  Big OMG on that one! And also, a number of little places have been opening their doors to our delight, or counting their first anniversary birthday candle. Casco keeps moving forward! here … Continue reading

Casco Viejo VIP Card: Enjoy Casco Viejo in Style!

Panama Casco Viejo Imagine a card that would give you great offers at your favorite places in Casco Viejo. Really cool stuff like discounts and special access so you can enjoy with your friends and family. Such card exists!!! Yes! welcome to the “Casqueño Card” ! Hundreds of dollars in savings for only $50.  All profits will go to AVACA, Casco Viejo`s Neighborhood and Friend`s Association (see more about AVACA here). Are you already an AVACA member? email  and get a special offer! How does it work? Buy the card at:  Las Clementinas,  Hotel Tantalo and Relic Activate the … Continue reading

Veggie Moon: new restaurant in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo First Street welcomed last week Veggie Moon, Casco Viejo`s first elegant gourmet fish/vegetarian restaurant. Now, before we start mixing labels! I know that trying to pin down this can be tricky.  Let`s clarify something right away: this is not a 100% vegetarian place. Here you will find fish and seafood, and they took care of showing the kitchen so that customers could see that they are being prepared in different areas with the utmost care. I ordered a beautiful lentil soup (made with rosemary) and a eggplant agnoloti. Claudia, the owner, is Venezuelan- Italian, and the chef … Continue reading

Christmas Bazaar at Super G

Casco Viejo, Panama Last Friday, Super Gourmet (“Super G”) had its first Christmas Bazaar. Three artists participated, selling their own product: beautiful jewelry, hand made bags using traditional mola designs and even baby products! People gathered around great cheese and wine, purchasing their Christmas gifts straight from the source. Thanks to Blayne and Jazmina for this initiative!

Next Generation of Boxing Stars at Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo Panama Casco Antiguo Sweating, panting, red like a tomato … and with a big smile!  Casco Viejo`s first gym started and already we have enthusiasts hitting the bag like there is no tomorrow. Stephen Crissman, the trainer, gives instructions and pushes you to do things better. Additional to boxing,  he trains in Jiu-Jitsu and there is another trainer for Muay Thai.  If you are not into artistic and lethal martial arts, you can try their cross fit, which makes honor to their slogan “work hard, live well”! If you want to contact Stephen to get more info on … Continue reading

Casco Viejo welcomes Ceviche

Casco Viejo – Panama – Casco Antiguo Real Estate and Lifestyle at Panama`s Old Quarter Last night I tried some amazing ceviche and patacones. Fresh and spicy, they were the creation of Waldo, the owner of the recently opened “Ceviche” restaurant at Casco Viejo.  Waldo has lived in Singapure, and its ceviche does show some Asian influence! His restaurant is almost a Ceviche Bar, a mix between a café and a fast food. You can catch and run, or you can enjoy right there.  His labels read “All Natural, Pacific Ocean Catch, Lime & Sea Salt”.   Simply delicious! Location: Central … Continue reading

Casco Viejo Pharmacy Opens Today! Welcome El Boticario

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo Real Estate For Sale, For Rent at Panama`s Historic District For a month, the commercial space at the corner of 4th and A Avenue in Casco Viejo had been under construction. Casco`s first fully suplied pharmacy was about to open.  Yesterday, I couldn´t take it anymore and plastered my face against the glass and asked: when????.  Ana Cristina, the owner, smiled while opening the door: “Tomorrow, we are still working, but tomorrow”. Pharmacies in Panama are a bizarre mix between a department store and a drugstore. Some go as far as selling home decoration and … Continue reading

Casco Viejo Apartments For Rent Report

Condos For Rent at Panama`s Casco Viejo From time to time I like doing “snapshot reports” of what is going on with Casco Viejo real estate, so people can get a sense of how the real estate market is doing in Panama`s colonial city. My last report was titled “Casco Viejo`s Summer Real Estate Report” and it showed all the projects currently under construction, whether commercial or residential. Who was/ is doing what and when are they delivering units.And of course, my favorite picks. This time, I`m presenting a “For Rent Casco Viejo” snapshot. 1. Residential: Casa Maralta: Rent at … Continue reading