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Getting Ready to Party in Casco Antiguo!

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo Panama Real Estate and Lifestyle at Panama`s Historic City   Big day tomorrow in Casco Viejo! Big month, in fact.  November is known as Panama´s “vacation month” since it has tons of Patriot holidays.  After  Halloween (well, this is not a Patriot Holiday as you may have guessed) we have: Day of the Dead (or of All Saints) on November 2nd, celebration of our Separation from Colombia (Nov. 3rd), Flag Day (4th), Colon`s Day (5th), Los Santos Independence Scream (10th)and our Independence from Spain (28th).  Then  comes December with Children`s Day, Teacher`s Day, Mother`s Day, … Continue reading

Halloween in Casco Viejo!

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo Panama Nightlife and Real Estate at Panama`s Historic City Samhain is coming! Today known as Halloween, this celebration was originated in Samhain, the Celtic rite for  the passing from Autum to the darkness of Winter, where ancestors were honored and evil spirits were scared away by using costumes and masks. Quite an appropiate celebration (if you ask me) to be had at a 300 year old colonial town like Casco Viejo in Panama. As you may imagine, since the fun part was to use costumes and masks,  today`s version is a bit “off” with the … Continue reading

Times features Casco Viejo!

Danilo Perez, Mariano Rivera and Spiros Vamvas make their personal recommendations to The Times on what to do and where to go in Panama, featuring Casco Viejo, Panama`s UNESCO World Heritage Site! Read it here: One Night in Panama City:

Underground Fashion Show at Casco Viejo, Panama

Casco Viejo Panama Panama Casco Antiguo Lifestyle and Real Estate at Panama`s Historic City   Casco Viejo`s unrestored buildings have a unique texture that have inspired artists from all field and nationalities. Last week, a fashion show was held at one of the largest fincas, along with a fashion flea market. The ambiance was fantastic, and the photography art show was excellent. Never thought I would finally see daring- straight forward-pretty-much-offensive- social criticism coming from a Panamanian, but it was great. Thumbs up for the organizers!!! got us thinking in different layers, and wanting more of these events in town.

First in 50 years: Turtles Nest in Casco Viejo, Panama!

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo, Panama Lifestyle and Real Estate in Panama`s Historic City   I never heard of turtles nesting in Panama City. My dad, who grew up in Calle 6ta San Felipe  and who never had a talent for surfing (or dangerous sports like my uncles who practiced a bit of everything including parachuting) always got the job of watching out for sharks (yes, sharks) and alert his friends who would be swimming or surfing at the point break (still existing) by Plaza Francia (Las Bovedas).  But never stories of turtles. After that, the city grew, modern Panama … Continue reading

AVACA Celebrates First Anniversary!

Casco Viejo, Panama Panama, Casco Antiguo Lifestyle and Real Estate at Panama`s Historic City   Casco Antiguo´s Neighborhood and Friends Association (AVACA – Asociacion de Vecinos y Amigos del Casco Antiguo) blew its  first candle last night with a great party at Espacio Panama (Calle 2nda).  Neighbors, friends and Casco Addicts talked about the association´s achievements during its first year (which include beach cleanups, government lobby, a successful Neighborhood Watch Program, defense of Casco`s Patrimony and more!), Casco`s future events and Avaca`s future projects. The beautiful thing about AVACA is that it reflects Casco Viejo`s new community: its members are … Continue reading

Casco Viejo preferred location for Hollywood movies

Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Panama Historic Real Estate According to Martes Financiero (La Prensa’s financial magazine) Bocas del Toro and Casco Antiguo are Panama’s preferred locations that are being analyzed by Hollywood location scouters. Although Panama’s film industry is still trying to get started, in 2008 Panama had the opportunity of being the main location for Quantum of Solace (James Bond). Now, productions featuring Salma Hayek (Our lady of the ballpark), Ben Kingsley (Vivaldi), Pierce Brosnan (The Vanilla Gorilla) , Kevin Costner (Learning Italian) and Al Pacino (Gone) are considering Panama as a location for their movies. Martes Financiero pointed … Continue reading

My Eco Casco Viejo Christmas Tree

Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Lifestyle and Real Estate at Panama City’s Historic District Last year, I made a Christmas tree with newspaper and trash collected from the beach.  This year, I got inspired at the last beach cleanup in Casco Viejo by AVACA and decided to go with green plastic bottles.  So here they are! not yet a “before and after” but an inspirational photo.  I picked up a bit more than 110 bottles on Sunday morning, at the Club Union site and surrounding beach. Wao.    

Casco Viejo Students March Against World Hunger

Casco Viejo Panama Casco Antiguo Panama Lifestyle at Panama City`s Historic District   This morning, while walking down to our Benedetti Hermanos building, I ran into this beautiful march. They where students from the Escuela Nicolás Pacheco and Escuela Estados Unidos in Casco Viejo and they where marching against World Hunger, to celebrate locally the FAO`s World day against hunger.  Signs held by students said: “1000 millones de personas sufren de hambre crónica y eso me enfurece” (1000 million people suffer of cronic hunger and this enfuriates me). Small awareness events like this shape little by little the minds of … Continue reading

Panama tourism increases 17% in August

Panama, Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo, Panama Real Estate For Sale For Rent Small headline in the Prensa, but big news: August registered an increase in tourist visitors of 17%. According to the note, authorities expect 2010 to close with an overall growth of 10%, a number that would be supported – among other things- by the a new cruiseline departing from Panama and new flight frequencies including Condor Airlines from Germany (starting November). In Casco Viejo, tourism infrastructure is at full speed. This month, Las Clementinas Chambers and Cafe will open its doors with six beautifully done apartments and its … Continue reading