Panamanian Tales with a Twist: Micro Cinema

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Last night was the second edition of Cine Animal at Temporal, Casco Viejo. The star film of the night was Cucarachita Mandi, a twist on the Panamanian fable “La Cucarachita Mandinga”.  All the films, including Mandi, were based on animation. Temporal also showed what it takes to make it: all the props (which were for sale) and the amazing number of people involved to do it. My favorite voice character was by Jaguar Clandestino, one of the really talented slam poets in Panama.  He raps pretty well too!

Congratulations to the Temporal team and to Valerie for keeping it up! last night was super fun!

Casco Viejo Cine Animal Casco Viejo Cine Animal Casco Viejo Cine Animal Cucarachita Mandi Funcion Cine Animal microcine Panalandia the cast the star valerie

Stepping Up: Enlaces Student Presents Choreography

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

To dance, is one thing. To create, another.  To direct your own peers takes a special skill. Now try to do all of it, and, by the way, you are barely a teenager.

Yesterday, we went to Enlaces dance program, to see the first choreography fully created, directed and danced by the students. Several pieces woven into one concept: what it is to be born in a place/circumstance vs another.  The result was fantastic, in a world where it seems we don´t find the correct words to talk about our difference, these kids found it almost easy to show us with simple honesty how they see it and feel it through movement.

Congratulations to the whole Enlaces team, and above all kudos to the young choreographers and dancers! sorry for my amateur video, hope you like them. If you want to learn more about Enlaces, click HERE. And HERE.

analida dancers Enlaces

Amazing Community Week

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Last Wednesday, young families in Casco gathered at 5th street to inaugurate Casco´s first “baby park”, fully created and implemented by the community. The ngo that made it happen was AVACA, Casco´s neighborhood association.  The event was honored by the presence of the Major and the Director of Historic Patrimony, who have been known for working for a greener and friendlier city.  The park is free and fully open to the public.

They also celebrated the third year of Day at the Bay, an initiative to bring awareness to Casco´s beach as a natural resource for the city and a family space for the community.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! to learn more about  AVACA and their community work:   Facebook   Website:


IMG_4346 IMG_4442

Pop up Movie Theatre in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

A mini movie theatre in Casco Viejo!   Arte Nómada and Cine Animal  transformed La Vecindad in a pop up mini cinema. This week, they opened with three short films by Panamanian artists and the place was packed. The films had fashion as a common theme, but they were all very different: from sci fi to abstract.

Next week they´ll be doing “Neighborhood Film” night, so keep tuned!

More about Arte Nomada click HERE

Casco Viejo microcine fila para microcine la noche microcine Casco Viejo

Caramelized Apples



The Caramelized Apples, brings me so many memories of my childhood.  I remember seeing them at fairs, at carnivals, it’s like turning the cassette around to see this image.  I was curious to know the origin of this wonderful dessert that made Eve sin and to Snow White fell into the temptation to give a bite and I found  that in 1908 William Kolb produced them in his store in New Jersey and in the ’50s Dan Walker changes a Little the color´s formula to start being called apple with caramel.

This sweet enjoyed by generations, part of the childhood of many, has been lost by the big cities but here in Casco Antiguo you can still find it and watch the children have this pleasure.


Crema y Nata , Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

The Riba Smith group opened this week a small ice cream store in Casco Viejo! Located at Plaza Herrera, it has ice creams with very Panamanian fruits such as Jobo and Nance. Welcome Crema y Nata!

IMG_3506 IMG_3507 IMG_3508

Great Start for 2017!

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

All of a sudden… puf! we are in 2017!  as in many places around the World, Panama is full of traditions to ensure a great start for 2017. From saving the seeds in 12 grapes (counting them, and buying a lottery ticket with the number), to exploding a life size doll packed with “bombitas” (fireworks… for those who like extreme sports), my favorites are always around the colorful foods that are available only in December. Going to the beach also ranks pretty high.  There is an important exodus that happens that week to every single beach in Panama. But nothing like walking around Central Avenue right before new year´s holidays to check out the colorful bounty of fruits, roots, herbs, Jamaica flowers, resins, incenses, and good luck baths with strange names.  The best? a dense fruit cake from our Afroantillian side called “pan bom”.  Always wondered: I mean, it´s not like people can´t make it the rest of the year, right? why is it that I have to wait until December to get it?  Someone once told me why: it wouldn´t taste the same!!!! I guess I have to excercise my patience. 2017 resolution!

Hope you enjoyed your New Year wherever you were and that 2017 brings above all things health!

IMG_3052 IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3055

and from our own beach trip (San Blas):

Beach trip San Blas

A New Concept in Casco, Lust Sneaker Store

imgl2976 LUST is a boutique specialized in  limited edition SNEAKERS. They have the best selection of the brands that they handle. This is the first approach with clients of Central América; They presented one of the most  expected edition in the year, the release of AIR JORDAN XI ¨Space Jam¨ as exclusive in Panama City.

This was only the first step to what will be Lust Sneaker Store, in Casco Viejo, I share the links of the other branches so that they can give you an idea of what is coming in future for this project.


Lust Colonia Roma

They are located in Avenue A next to Benissimo.


dsc06971 dsc06975




As a curious fact, in 1873, the brother´s company Shuber began the construction and finished works in 1874, baptizing the building as the Grand Hotel Central, now known as Central Hotel Panama.

In 1878, the hotel was destroyed by a fire that started by a detonation in the pharmacy located in one of the local commercials inside the hotel. The hotel was rebuilt and opened again in 1884. The new hotel boasts all of 19th century Europeanizing modernity.

The most striking element of the hotel was the interior courtyard “The Palm Garden”, it was a tourist attraction and the meeting point of that time.

In 1894 the hotel was purchased by Henry Ehrman who restored it to become one of the most elegant buildings of the city in the late 20th century.

On November 3, 1903, the Revolutionary Council chose the Central Hotel as their office and provisional headquarters, to establish military control and various defense strategies.

Currently the building was restored and continues its history as a Hotel. It has 135 luxurious rooms, equipped with a soft lighting, television, bathtub, jacuzzi, everything to make the guest experience great.

Christmas Spirit II part

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Can´t believe the holidays are passing so fast! Here are some of the ornaments we missed on the first blog.  I love how some took the “tropical” route, others more classic, others super elegant. Natural (and not so natural!) looks and even fragrances with real dried fruit and pine. Hummmm…

img_2951 img_2901 img_2843 img_2844 img_2845 img_2847 img_2848 img_2849 img_2850 img_2880 img_2881 img_2882 img_2883 img_2899 img_2902 img_2903 img_2905 img_2950