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Jasper String Quartet at Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama Casco Antiguo Tomorrow, award winning Jasper String Quartet will be playing music by Hayden, Andrew Norman, Shubert at the National Theater.  Tickets for students at $5 and the rest will be $15 and $30.  The night is hosted by the US Embassy and organized by the Asociación Nacional de Conciertos.

Casa de Rosa, Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama, Casco Antiguo On Friday we attended the inauguration of Casa de Rosa, a restored building that used to belong to Rosa Eleta de Prieto back in 1921. The apartments are quite spacious, specially the living rooms! Records show that the original house was built in 1917. However, when they started digging, they found a piece of a “Hornabeque”. An Hornabeque in Spanish is a defensive system that offshore colonial cities used to build back in 1765 – 1769. This one was designed by Colonel Manuel Hernandez, who was sent to the Americas by King Charles III in 1759 to … Continue reading

New Look for Caffé Per Due at Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Panama In a flash weekend, Café per Due closed doors and opened with a complete new look! Manuela and her crew created quite a stylish ambiance. The colors make me want to order at least two or three of Manuela`s wonderful desserts with a classic Italian expreso!

Panama`s Secret History

Casco Viejo, Panama   Every city has stories hidden under their “cement jungle”.  This is the slogan for a History Channel TV Series called “Secret Histories”.   A couple of years ago they did an entire episode about Panama, which covers Casco Viejo with a lot of interesting characters.  The episode was made for Latin America, so it is all in Spanish. We`ve been trying to find out if they have it in English, but seems that they didn`t. So, if you speak Spanish, take a look, it is a really well done show.  If you don`t,  we can still give … Continue reading

Co Working in Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Panama You are a creative professional and so far had been working from home, or working for someone but trying to get more “space” for your own work.  Renting a shared office is not your style, mostly because you might not relate to the type of businesses next to you and synergy depends on having other creative people around that are on the same (or similar!) wavelength. Before you go crazy at home (or at work) consider CascoStation!  It is not a “shared office” nor a “virtual office”.  Is a group of independent creative professionals (artists, web, digital, … Continue reading

Los Del Patio`s Wishlist

Casco Antiguo, Panama   Los Del Patio is a small art center in Casco Viejo that provides classes for local children as well as adults. They also have art shows, theater plays and even a small café. Little by little, they`ve been putting together all the tools they need for their work, however they are still missing some stuff and would like to let everyone know in case you happen to have one at home or just want to donate. Here it is! Los Del Patio Wishlist: it goes from an a/c unit and 40 chairs for their classroom, to … Continue reading

Olga Sinclair Foundation at Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Panama Plaza Herrera is becoming a very interesting area! First, the Danilo Perez Foundation with their professional music school (jazz) and now Panamanian painter Olga Sinclair inaugurates her own foundation right next door (you CAN´T miss the building!)  to teach local children about painting. Check out her amazing work here! Congratulations to Olguita, and welcome to the barrio!

Espacio Vintage at Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Panama Gisela and Cristina have a passion for clothing and all things vintage.  Mainly clothing, but they also have music records and really cute accessories.  They have now expanded their services to alterations, so you can hem, patch, repair, shorter, lengthen etc your favorite clothes. They are located at Plaza Herrera, corner of 9th and A Avenue, just next to Mojito`s.  Their hours run from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. , from Tuesday to Saturday and you can write Gisela at or just call them at 6566-6119/ 6747-0981.

Gym Schedule in Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Fitness Panama   I have to say I`m very happy with the guys of Top Level Gym.  They opened a couple of months ago and its been fabulous.  I`ve developed muscles I never thought I would and my cardio has gotten quite better.  It is fun, and their crossfit only takes 20 minutes on their top case scenario.  You can always go and do some boxing or wrestling (they do Jiu Jitsu), but for me crossfit and yoga are the best. Here is their schedule. If you live or work in Casco Viejo and dreamed about getting fit… … Continue reading

Homage to Casconian: Bruce Quinn

Casco Viejo Panama The name of Bruce Quinn in Panama is synonym of “theatre” and “musicals”. Since I can recall, Bruce has been an unstoppable dynamo, year after year bringing us beautiful productions, anything from Chicago to Annie and even plays by local writers and singers. A “Zonian”  Bruce was born into Panama`s Canal Zone in the 40`s,  which back in the day meant you had double nationality: Panamanian and American. In the 60`s he starts producing theater shows and more than 200 plays later, he is still running up and down the stage,  guiding young talents, encouraging to give … Continue reading