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Casco Viejo VIP Card: Enjoy Casco Viejo in Style!

Panama Casco Viejo Imagine a card that would give you great offers at your favorite places in Casco Viejo. Really cool stuff like discounts and special access so you can enjoy with your friends and family. Such card exists!!! Yes! welcome to the “Casqueño Card” ! Hundreds of dollars in savings for only $50.  All profits will go to AVACA, Casco Viejo`s Neighborhood and Friend`s Association (see more about AVACA here). Are you already an AVACA member? email  and get a special offer! How does it work? Buy the card at:  Las Clementinas,  Hotel Tantalo and Relic Activate the … Continue reading

A True Christmas Gift at Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Yesterday was Idalibeth and Doña Mary`s Christmas Party.  Every year, they host a party for the neighborhood kids, an event that has grown from being in someone`s borrowed patio to the big Plaza Centenario. At least a hundred kids attend, from all ages: they know each other from school, from their street, from the afterschool programs they attend (like Enlaces or Aprojusan).  Three things are common denominators in all of them: they are from the neighborhood, they are kids, and their parents belong or live nearby a gang (or former gang). This party means a lot to … Continue reading

Carols by Candlelight Success, Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Successful second year!  the Carols by Candlelight concert filled in Plaza Francia with tons of people from all over, singing and dancing.  Congratulations to the Canada Club and to David Young and his team for organizing it!

Learning about Casco Viejo`s Neighborhood Association

Panama, Casco Antiguo This year, Casco Viejo`s neighborhood association AVACA celebrated its third anniversary.  It is called AVACA for its Spanish name: Asociación de Vecinos y Amigos del Casco Antiguo, and for three years it has been the voice of residents ,  businesses and lovers of this beautiful historic district. It`s membership is as diverse as Casco itself, with people from Panama and all over the world.  And its work is equally diverse: from the beautiful garbage tanks painted by local artists,  street and beach cleaning to educational campaigns at schools and government lobby, this group is hardcore and passionate … Continue reading

The making of Panama`s Christmas Parade Starts in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo This is my favorite Casco Crew: they work like crazy, but never seem stressed. It is the only crew I know that loves working 24 hours straight, delivers on time and the product normally comes out better than you imagined. What do they do? floats! Franz and his team can take on any project, no matter how simple or complicated. Creative team of guys, we love to say it`s international: one for every Panamanian province, plus a couple of Italians, USA and from time to time even a Latvian! This past weekend they were responsible for some … Continue reading

Beautiful New Book on San Felipe, Casco Viejo

I was truly impressed by this book by Ida Vallarino. The love that went into it, and the accuracy of its models makes this a great gift for Casco fans or Panama fans. Ida Vallarino worked small models of the houses, based on photos and her experience. Amazing. My favorites? you`ll see here Las Clementinas (of course!) but also a Panamanian curiosity that makes sense only to female Panamanians: the first Felix B Maduro store. Can you guess where it was? I do… The book is for sale at Felipe Motta, go check it out!

Neighborhood Christmas Parties

Casco Viejo Panama What is great about this time of the year is that people take time to spend it together and share with others.  Here are some photos of the small parties I`ve seen in the neighborhood, from local ngo`s that work with kids.  Some of these are from Pot to Plate and some from Aprojusan.

Carlos Endara`s Kiss

I woke up with a romantic vein today and changed my computer`s wallpaper to this photo of this beautiful kiss. The paint is at the Carlos Endara Museum in Casco Viejo, painted on the ceiling of one of the corridors.

Lighting the Christmas Tree in Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Last night was the lightning of Casco Viejo`s Christmas Tree at Plaza Francia. The group of parents and children walked singing from Plaza Herrera all the way to the point of the peninsula. This event will be followed by  Carols by Candlelight on Saturday, a beautiful outdoors concert at Plaza Francia featuring professional groups like Opera Panama and school groups. Starting at 7 p.m.! don´t miss it!

Celebrating December Drinking Saril

Panama Casco Antiguo Saril, the vibrant red spicy juice every Panamanian loves to drink in Christmas time! for the first time I was able to grow the plant in my backyard, and finally drink 100% “organic” saril!!!  I didn´t even know how to make it, as there is this mystic about the recipe, but Mario, the town painter who is from Chiriquí and loves to plant told me to boil the flowers as if I was making tea with a bit of giger and clove.  I didn´t have clove, but ginger I have always tons in the house. Did it … Continue reading