Monthly Archives: September 2010

La Merced parade around Casco Viejo

check out this photo and see if you can recognize what`s going on…. Continue reading

Casco Viejo`s community at Beach Cleanup

Garbage is everywhere. We throw it and nature throws it back at us. But Casco Viejo residents are getting organized to fight it, and to prevent it. Cleaning the beach is only a warm up! Continue reading

Korean Binari Drums in Casco Viejo

We where having cocktails the other night at Plaza Bolivar, Casco Viejo, enjoying the pleasant night under the stars when suddenly all hell broke loose. But with rhythm and enthusiasm! Continue reading

Danilo Perez “Providence” is making history

Casco Viejo neighbor Danilo Perez is making history with his new album “Providence”, which “talks” about his fatherhood experience. Danilo is not only a music genius, it is also a great inspiration to children of Casco Viejo. Continue reading

La Traviata in Casco Viejo, Panama

Slowly, a small opera scene is growing in Panama. And Casco Viejo seems to be its natural home! don`t miss LaTraviata in October. Continue reading

Casco Viejo Love

For me and many visitors and residents Casco is a romantic city. But last night, it was the first time I`ve seen this happen. Continue reading

Casco Viejo welcomes two new businesses!

August was a busy month for Casco Viejo! Two new restaurants opened: Continue reading

Casco Viejo`s community works with the government to improve garbage collection system.

Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Real Estate Investment at Panama`s Historic City AVACA, Casco Antiguo`s neighborhood association celebrates its one year birthday this month. At its birth one year ago, the community identified five focus areas, being the garbage disposal one of them. Since then, the association has done different activities (from beach cleaning to educational workshops), many of them side by side with local authorities. However, the recollection system in the neighborhood was working only half way. Tomorrow, AVACA`s Garbage Committee, the City (Municipio), along with Oficina del Casco Antiguo and the support of local politician José Blandón will inaugurate … Continue reading

Spring art in Casco Viejo

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo Panama Real Estate Investment For Sale For Rent At Panama City`s Historic District It is so good to come back home after long vacations. Europe is fantastic and I enjoyed visiting historic cities, but somehow I always end up missing my Casco. Yesterday, while still wondering what time was it, I decided to take my doggy for a walk found this cute “spring art” at the plaza with the fountain in Calle 2nda. That`s when I realized… I`m back!!!

Frit Arte has reopened

For Casqueños, the news that Maria Consuelo Orozco, the owner of Frit Arte, has re-opened is exciting.  The décor has a fresh new look. Regular hours have been extended from noon to 10 pm so we can have our evening belly dancing and yoga classes. In addition to the Executive Menu, Frit Arte is offering a variety of Thai dishes which can be served mild or “picante.”  The staff includes Tatiana, Maritza, Daño and Maná. Clara Keyes Hardin