Monthly Archives: December 2009

Garbage Recycling for 2010

I look around my neighborhood, Casco Viejo, and I see so many things that can be improved. In 2009 we helped create a neighborhood association which is slowly getting to be heard on those issues. But I think nothing is as powerful as living the example, so hopefully this year will be all about “getting it done” other than “wishing it” only. Continue reading

Eco Christmas! newspaper christmas tree and gifts

Christmas can be the perfect time to put garbage to good use! get inspired… Continue reading

Kissing your cash away with a smile!

New year resolution? How about kissing your cash away and being happy about it? Continue reading

Party at Casco Viejo, skateboard in hand

Skaters in Panama are getting organized: their request is a proper skateboarding park… and their first activity was in Casco Viejo! Continue reading

Pristine Jungle and Frozen Beers

The cheapest (best) beer is found in the middle of Panama´s Jungle Continue reading

Historic Renovations Casco Viejo: Before and After

For the past ten years, Casco Antiguo has gone through a delicate process of revitalization which includes as many angles as a city can afford: urbanism, community, historical architecture protection, legal and so many more. Continue reading

The Economist briefs about Panama

This month The Economist has dedicated an article to the Panama Canal and the impact of its expansion throughout this time of crisis. It is worth reading for anyone looking to invest in Panama or know more about it. Continue reading

Art With Optimism

The most refreshing thing about Cartooch is that it chooses to be critical but without cinicism. A daring position for an artist in a world where darker and bitter seems to equal depth and value. Continue reading

Balcony to Balcony Lifestyle in Casco Antiguo

A timeless form of communication and socializing is alive in Casco Antiguo, Panama Continue reading

Casco Viejo Events: Great Thanksgiving Video

Casco Viejo Panama Casco Antiguo Panama Real Estate For Sale For Rent Our friend Steve sent us this great video of all the fun we had in Thanksgiving.  Couldn´t find how to embed it, but please check it out!