Monthly Archives: February 2009

Panama featured at latest GQ Magazine

” Imagine if New Orleans had ignored the French Quarter for a century” …. “Now the neighborhood vibrates with the rough energy of transition. Local blasts reaggeton beats into the street while nearby chauffered SUV´s drop off an international set at Continue reading

Fiesta! Panama´s Festival Calendar

Fiesta! This upcoming week is Panama´s most beloved holiday: Carnivals. It is said to be the only thing Panamanians take seriously. The city will plan way ahead, committees will actually get their work done. People will forget about global warming, financial crisis and just party their heads off. Continue reading

Young, professional and jobless? Wait it out in Panama

While Panama five years ago was marketed one of the best destinations for retirees, it has now become, almost accidentally a destination that is being considered seriously by a far younger crowd. Continue reading

Nightshot of Beautiful Casco Viejo, Panama

Photogenic and full of charm, Casco Viejo at night is almost magical. Continue reading

Panamanian Bank Announces 58% growth for 2008

It seemed impossible due to the gloom world wide situation. But Banco General released its audited statements early this week and it confirmed the news: 58% growth in 2008. Panama has always been a niche within the niche. And maybe…maybe! this might be what you need to “wait it out”… Continue reading

Cinta Costera reaching Casco Antiguo, Panama

Despite of scandals and contradictions, the Cinta Costera, one of Panama´s mega urban projects continues to work. Supporters say this will change Panama forever, detractors point out several acts of corruption. Either way, the historic city of Casco Viejo seems to look forward to its connection… Continue reading

Where to Stay at Plaza Bolivar, Casco Viejo

Plaza Bolivar is one of Casco Antiguo´s most prized plazas. Almost fully restored, it has stunning buildings including the National Theatre and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Where to stay? Find out here! Continue reading

Panama News: US Marines Invade Casco Antiguo

I can´t say I´m much for wars or, for example, the Irak invasion. But when the US Marine invaded Casco Viejo we where there to receive them with open arms! Continue reading

Panama joins Venezuela in Soap Opera

With almost no experience on soap operas, Panama is pairing up with the Venezuelan gigant Venevision to produce its first high quality soap opera. Using everything the country has: from the brother of actor and musician Ruben Blades to the founders of reggaeton (now almost forgotten) Nando Boom, El General and Renato. Check out where they are filming! Continue reading