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Panama, Casco Antiguo: Good news for investors: Hotel Central at Casco Viejo is full steam ahead!

Panama, Casco Antiguo San Felipe, Casco Viejo Back in the day, Hotel Central used to be one of the most elegant hotels in Casco Antiguo. This beautiful building dominates Plaza Catedral, occupying almost half of a block. As Casco Viejo had it´s ups and downs, the hotel slowly lost it´s chic clientele and was thrown into oblivion for the last 20 years (or more!).  Back in 1995 you could get a room there for $8 a night.  I visited several times during 1995/96. At that time, it was barely operating, later on it was shut down and put on the … Continue reading

Panama Canal Expansion, Multinational Companies and Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Antiguo San Felipe For such a small country, Panama is suddenly surrounded by heavy players. On one hand, the Panama Canal expansion project will cost over $5 billion dollars, and on the other hand, big guys such as Hewlett – Packard, Caterpillar, the Swiss Sanofi- Aventis, Procter & Gamble and Sinope from China have either expressed their interest of moving headquarters here or are actually doing so. Panama has always benefit from its strategic location but for such a small country and considering the volume of business these group of companies bring together or individually to the table … Continue reading

My Early Memories of the Casco Antiguo, Panama

Panama, Casco Antiguo San Felipe For many, the Casco is love at first sight. Everyone has his or her own first memory, or a turning point where they decided to live, work or invest here… Don’t be shy! Take a moment and post your story! For me, early memories of the Casco are profoundly linked with my family and my childhood. I hope you enjoy the opening of this blog! Patrizia ……. November 10th, 2007. It’s a strange experience, to sit here and organize my memories of Casco, trying to remember how it all started for me. Memories are filling … Continue reading