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July is coming up, and people coming into Casco from all around the world are looking to rent. So, what is available in Casco Viejo right now for long term leases (6 months to a year)? pros and cons of properties and Arco`s recommendations.

But first, lets make a BIG disclosure: Casco Viejo right now is very noisy. Why? because there is a lot going on in terms of construction, mainly due to a government project where they are restoring most of the streets within San Felipe. So, if you are noise sensitive and plan to be in the apartment between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., then probably Casco won´t be your best pick at this time. The project is scheduled to be finished in a year, but you know how that goes! “ish” should be added after that, always.

So, here are some of our favorite apartments and commercial properties available on each category and our thoughts on each one. Call us if any of these caught your attention!


Retail:  Prime Corner: excellent location, corner and beautiful. This summarizes it all! one con: not available for food and beverage (a.i. restaurants or cafes). This can be a wonderful art gallery, bank, shop, office, everything else!


Furnished: Casa Testa: at this point is the only furnished one bedroom available in our list. It also happens to be a very nice one! the building blends modern with old, the apartment feels comfortable, and having Super G right below (our gourmet store) makes it very convenient! (the gym is a block away, just in case).  It has a small balcony overlooking A Avenue.

Best View:

Montefiori :  Direct Plaza Views! and a roof terrace with nice water views. Wrap around balcony, modern finishes.  Big bedroom. Those are all pros.  The con is that the area is noisy. Again, if you are not going to be there during the day, then this could be a great choice. Also, the building doesn´t have elevator, and this apartment is on the third floor.

Casa Morales: Direct Water and Panama City Views! $1800.  Partially furnished, the apartment is hitting the market soon.  If you would like more info about this property, just email us at clara  or  [email protected]

Easiest and Quietest:  Casa Zarak:  Located on the groundfloor, there will be no carrying up the groceries with this apartment! you`ll be under the impression of living in your own little townhouse, and the balcony is a lovely area for plants.  Direct water views! Casa Zarak is also one of the privileged properties that won´t have construction in front (that we are aware of), so the area is by far one of the quieter ones.


Furnished:  Las Bóvedas: beautifully done, it includes a roof terrace with water views and a jacuzzi. For those who like cooking, it has a really nice Italian kitchen.  Only con: the building doesn´t have elevator, and this apartment is on the third floor. I would count as a “pro” that you will get good legs!


Art Deco: Spacious two bedrooms, the building has an elevator and a common roof terrace with water views.  It is also a very private apartment and although the area is getting some noise from the restaurants and construction, the bedrooms are located at the back.

Casa Ruigar: Here you have two options: apartment No 3 or apartment No 4, both at the same price, both two bedrooms. One has a wonderful wrap around balcony, the other is located more towards the secondary street.

Benedetti No. 5: Spacious 2 bedrooms, this unit has a lot of pros: double panned windows, pool, elevator… and parking! The unit is available for sale, so it might be interesting if you are looking to buy at the same time. Maybe work out a lease with an option to buy?

THREE BEDROOMS: yes! we do have three bedrooms!

Art Deco 2B: Furnished, this apartment is a full 2 bedroom with a mezzanine studio that has a full bathroom that can work as a third bedroom.  Note that this is a lively area, so we recommend this apartment for tenants who are not noise sensitive.

Casa Vidal: Furnished,  this is a beautiful town house with 3 bedrooms, a water view roof terrace including a jacuzzi. It is located at one of the first streets that were repaired, so luckily now it is a bit quieter. The property is for sale, but it is also open to be rented at $4000 a month.

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