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Casco Antiguo Green Issue… The EcoCasco!

There is a silent neighbor in the old city, one that has been shadowed by the gorgeous historic architecture and taken for granted by most of us, but they lighten up with the first rains of March in an explosion of flowers and make our daily lives better in very subtle ways. These ignored neighbors have a memory and rhythm of their own, and they are a vital part of Casco’s identity. With all the world’s climate issues, we would like to take this opportunity to get everyone thinking about a more sustainable Casco, an example to the rest of Panama City. The seeds are already getting planted… join us! 

From Garbage to Garden Contest

Here is the challenge: design a cheap, easy to build and good looking composting system (yes, we have to look good at all times). The winner will win not only a $100, but a place in our hearts but in our balconies and terraces.  The winning design will be used in a program in Casco Viejo to help build and sustain several organic gardens that will provide both good food and awareness about recycling. The rules of the contest are very simple and it is open to everyone, either living in Casco or not.To download the info, just click here: go to my homepage: You´ll see a big logo on the right with a butterfly… just click there! and be sure to zoom the jpg.  Also, feel free to upload it in other websites, the more the merrier!

Las Clementinas: Casco´s First Organic Garden
Clementinas is a small condo project in Casco Viejo with an organic garden at its heart. Already in the works, this wonderful spot will provide fresh vegetables to the restaurant at the commercial space below.
The building has 6 units with great views (water and plaza) and sustainable finishes such as wood floors made of reclaimed wood from Lake Gatun. Submerged for the last 100 years, it’s better than new! Conservatorio: our first nursery  
A burst of exotic tropical species are growing in our backyard.
These are the plants that will help us create the organic gardens in Clementinas and hopefully find their way on to your plates soon. If we’re lucky, they’ll spread into different community gardens throughout Casco. What is incredible about all the green stuff you see here is that 99% of it is edible. Leaves, fruits, flowers!  An explosion of different flavors, from chewy to spicy… Spencer Woodard can tell you all about it, click here to go to his Blog  
   Spread the seed…  tell a friend! 

Live, Work,

in Casco.
Arco Properties is the leading real estate agency focused exclusively on residential and commercial properties in Casco Antiguo since 2005. We are the only real estate company specializing in Casco Antiguo that donates 10% of its profits and 5% of the time of its staff in volunteering to non-profit organizations dedicated to the revitalization of the Human Heritage of the Casco Antiguo.
Arco Properties is an affiliate of Grupo Conservatorio. We are committed to inclusive and sustainable urban revitalization. We believe in the value of socially diverse communities and in building one affordable apartment for each high-end apartment.

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