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A gym is coming to Casco Viejo! I really can´t wait. With so many delicious restaurants and ice cream shops we REALLY need this! And of course, not just any gym…

Welcome to “Top Level Gym” . Check out their facebook page HERE.  They do martial arts, yoga and cross fit training.  This is not your classic “air conditioning, lets look cute for others -sweating out of the question” kind of gym. Here, you`ll train hard, sweat like hell and see results.

After being all my life either dancing ballet professionally or/and going to the gym (from the cute lycra type to the more wellness oriented type), I think I have the authority to say I really enjoyed the process at Top Level.   The first class I took was on their circuit area.  I felt amazing after that, I really thought some of it was going to be hard, but after a round or two I knew I could get it done and at the end it was even looking like a pro.  And anyone can do these routines, they adjust it to whichever level you are at.  Muscles I didn´t remember I had made their presence noticed the next day, but I was happy and ready for more.

Then I tried a bit of their martial arts stuff. I`ve never done anything like boxing (and much less Muay Thai) but as scary as that name looks it was quite fun!  I was sort of stock at the beginning with “punching” the guy with my hands, at some point I told him (as any ballet dancer would)… so doesn`t this thing have kicks of some sort? He smiled and said, “yes, that will be your next class”.  Sweet revenge.  You see? I`m already motivated to go back.

Here is the info on their Casco Viejo Intro Party:

Where: at Cinema Paradiso, Avenida A between 4th and 5th

When: April 7th, 5 to 9 p.m.

Healthy cocktails!!! you can also contact them at [email protected]



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