Commitment to Community

Arco Properties has pledged to donate 10% of our annual profits and at least 5% of each of our employees time to community organizations.

In 2006, we donated $11,500 to Fundacion Calicanto, a Casco Viejo-based non-profit originally formed to secure the World Heritage Site designation and now re-structuring to do social work.  The donation was earmarked for supporting 52 Saturday music, dance and art workshops for local children, and to send two groups of 20 local women for a three month course in hotel service. By 2009 the program had succesfully graduated more than 60 women, 89% of them had gotten permanent jobs.

In 2009 we supported the creation of Casco Antiguo’s neighborhood association AVACA (Asociacion de Vecinos y Amigos del Casco Antiguo) as a tool to contribute to the revitalization of the Casco from the point of the civil society.

For more information on our building company, visit Conservatorio S.A.

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