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US Market Crushes… Panama Market Raises?

Last week the world went bananas on the trade market. A rollercoaster that has more than one at the edge of a heart attack, it has been really worrysome for all of us to see gigants fall and take with them everything they can. Markets in Asia, Japan and Europe have been affected. In Panama, however, things have been slightly different. Continue reading

Panama News: World Bank invests in Cultural Industries for Casco Antiguo

In many countries, cultural activities fuel tourism, which becomes one of their main economic revenues. With Casco Antiguo, Panama has a unique opportunity to be launched into the world´s cultural map. Check out the details here… Continue reading

Panama´s Economy Growths 8.2%

Panama has been growing very fast for the last 8 years. A “miracle” made by a curious mix of tourism, investment and other countries misfortunes (Alias Venezuela and Chavez or Colombia and the FARC). Although on the short term there´s been a great impulse by the construction sector, consider Panama´s big three big long term fundamental investments: the Panama Canal Expansion project (which has already started), the relocation of the regional office of very important companies such as Caterpillar, Maersk, Dell, Procter and Gamble, Aventis and finally the oil refinary project in Puerto Armuelles… Continue reading

Panama Paradise

Multiple websites and adds mention Panama as Paradise. Is it really? what about Casco Viejo? Continue reading

Panama News: The Director of Casco Antiguo gets interview at La Prensa

The Oficina del Casco Antiguo has been quite busy. From cultural events to the urban planning of the Casco there are very few aspects where they aren´t present. It´s Director is a dinamyc architect with a passion for historic cities, which makes it perfect. In this interview, he speaks about the train project , the advances against speculation, the controversial projects at Hotel Central and the old Club Union. Continue reading

Panama Business: 5 Lessons from Real Estate in Europe to Casco Viejo

Ah! La Bella Roma! From the cradle of Western civilization to a huge melting pot, for those who have visited or lived in Rome it blows your mind away and steals a piece of your heart. But if you actually want to own a piece of Rome, you’d better be prepared to give also your kidney away (the good one), an eye and seriously consider adding up one of your lungs to sweeten the deal. Wao. The incredible thing isn’t that prices are astronomically high; it is that at over $20,000 US dollars per mt2 or $2,000 per ft2 people are still buying. Continue reading

Casco Viejo´s Full Business Directory

Casco Viejo Business Directory: What to do? Restaurants, bars, theatres Ego & Narciso: One beside the other at Plaza Bolivar. Wonderful Peruvian tapas at Ego and very good italian food at Narciso. You can order from both, no problem! the owner is thinking on opening a third one in the same plaza… so coming soon!  262-2045 CasaBlanca: casual dinning at Plaza Bolivar. 212-0040 Platea & Scena: Scena is a nice formal restaurant above Platea which is our favorite jazz bar. They also have live music most nights, ranging from salsa to rock. Located on Calle 1era, in front of the … Continue reading

Is Casco Viejo Right For You?

The Casconian Personality Test You read our newsletter and you think you like the place, but still not sure if Casco is right for you? This short list can help you out.      1. You enjoy traveling to undiscovered places in small groups rather than big groups and mass destinations.      2. Someone splashes you with water while walking down the street and your immediate reaction is to laugh and look around for something to splash back with.  3. You hate highrises. (add 50 points just for this) 4. You love to mingle with local communities and learn their … Continue reading

James Bond invades Casco Viejo, Panama

Casco is getting ready for some major filming: the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace (how they find these titles????). Streets strapped with yellow bands, staff running around. They transformed the fasade of the Ministry of Culture into a hotel… I´m tempted to send a picture to a client of mine at Arco Properties who wanted so badly to buy the Ministry to do a five star hotel… he was so dissapointed it wasn´t for sale! now I can just send a “postcard picture” of “Hotel Grand” with a note on the back: “I finally made the deal!”.Now, the … Continue reading

Carnivals and New Italian Café at Casco Viejo, Panama

Coming back from my own “carnival retreat” I was welcomed by Café Due, the new italian cafe in town. It is located in Avenida A, near Calle Primera, this small cafeteria is run by a passionate italian couple. Great sangría, they also plan to serve pizza and other italian delicacies. And right beside it, like the good movies … “coming soon”…. Sibaritas…. February 9th…. will keep you posted! promises to be a cute lounge bar. By the way, Carnivals were super fun in Casco. Check out this picture on Calle 2nda! the best fun ever!!!