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Panama Growth at 2.5% during 2009

A bit under the estimated 3% but definately better than other countries in Latin America (Mexico is at -8.2% according to La Prensa, Costa Rica at -4.8%), Panama seems to be holding its ground during this difficult period. Hope is on the way: Raúl Moreira from the Colegio de Economistas de Panama told La Prensa that there can still be an important recovery through the Colon Free Trade Zone on the second half of the year. The country continues to receive foreign investors. According to a note at Martes Financiero, the Colombian company Ferrasa S.A. is expanding operations. They acquired … Continue reading

Panama Hot Spot Featured at CNBC European Business

“Panama is emerging as one of the world’s hottest destinations for the jet-set crowd,”… this statement is from the latest article published by European Business review on Panama as the next hot spot. Check out their opinion on Casco Antiguo and the general economic analysis on Panama. Continue reading

Two cities, same vision

Urban revitalization is one of those things that can be understood several ways. Everyone has an opinion and a vision, but time is the ultimate judge. This is an article worth reading about the theme, exposing some interesting paralels with Casco Antiguo in Panama. Continue reading

Chillin´in Casco Antiguo, Panama

I have to say I fell in love with these guys last Sunday. I mean, really… the world is going so fast and news are always gloom, I rather be with them. And I thought, all things considered if I was in the middle of the economic hurricane, with debts to my neck and hardly getting by with $5,000… why not? Continue reading

Obama and Panama: where do we go from here?

Obama´s election was cheered by everyone. However, there is so much stuff to fix at home, so many sacrifices to be made… so much hard work. What about Panama? Casco Viejo? what are the advantages, the choices?

Continue reading

Panama Real Estate Market Watch at Casco Antiguo

Many are wondering what is next in Real Estate now that the US market has gone down. Most people are afraid of financial investments and rather have something more concrete. If that is your case, read this first. Not only Panama has the best credentials to weather the crisis, but Casco Antiguo within Panama is your winning bet. Do it now, as hotels are starting construction already. Appreciation is on its way. Continue reading

US Market Crushes… Panama Market Raises?

Last week the world went bananas on the trade market. A rollercoaster that has more than one at the edge of a heart attack, it has been really worrysome for all of us to see gigants fall and take with them everything they can. Markets in Asia, Japan and Europe have been affected. In Panama, however, things have been slightly different. Continue reading

Panama News: World Bank announces $400 Million Dollar Financing for the Panama Canal Expansion

The World Bank is investing heavily in Panama. Yesterday, they announced that they are considering a $400 million dollar financing for the Panama Canal Expansion project. Continue reading

The Real Estate Vacation in Casco Antiguo, Panama.

If you are planning to travel to Panama and exploring real estate will probably be part of the fun, this is what you need to do and the people you’ll need to meet. Continue reading

Panama Paradise

Multiple websites and adds mention Panama as Paradise. Is it really? what about Casco Viejo? Continue reading