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How fortunate Panama is to have a wide range of cultural events, including opera! Continue reading

Travel Panama: Jazz Fest 2009 at Casco Viejo!

The 6th edition of the Panama Jazz Fest in 2009 is already on its way. Music, workshops, scholarships and a new music school in Panama by the Foundation Danilo Perez. Where? when? Continue reading

Casco Viejo, Panama´s own mini Havana Vieja

I first visited Havana Vieja in Cuba around 1996. It was a very interesting trip from which I learned a lot about our common roots, despite our different current political lives. Culture and architecture reflects our spirits… Continue reading

Travel Panama: African and Christian Religious Celebrations meets at Casco Antiguo

Ever since the slavery trade times, African traditional religions have been concealed by their followers under Christianity… for obvious reasons. Today, many, many years later, the reminiscent are still there. And in Casco Viejo, very much alive! Continue reading

Book Awareness Week at Casco Antiguo, Panama

A classic Monday morning in Casco Viejo: I was on the phone and at the same time answering emails (or deleting early spam… somehow the prince of Mombatu is still considering sending me at least $200,000 directly to my bank account, no papers signed) when suddenly a loud noise started to approach. “Drums…. Drums in the deep”… I thought, just like the Lord of the Rings episode when the good guys where about to get attacked by ugly orks. Continue reading

Caribbean Travel Special: Panama and Casco Viejo Phrase Book

Ke Sopa? Priti! …. No, you are not in some weird and lost island in the Pacific, you are in Panama, where Caribbean culture meets… well… everybody. Like chameleons, we love copying words and accents, especially English, since it sounds cool. So here is the basic phrases you need to take with you while traveling to Panama, especially in the city and in Casco Viejo, where you’ll probably use them the most as some of the local “bien cuidaos” are Afroantillian descendants and still speak English. Continue reading

Panama History and Culture: Casco Antiguo´s 100 Years Old National Theatre

Panama´s National Theatre was literally born with the Republic. The need to build it was at the first Gacetas Oficiales in 1903 – 1904 along with main stuff like a Presidential Palace and public bathrooms. It was the heart of social life and culture. Today, we celebrate its 100 year anniversary with a bit of history and wonderful events in August and October. Check out my Virtual Tour! Continue reading

Slideluck Potshow in Casco Viejo, Panama

I have to admit it: as a spanish speaker (and naive one when it comes out to words and literal meanings) I had no idea what a Slideluck Potshow meant. Having grown up watching movies where “pot” is used to refer to a very specific aromatic herb I was getting the idea this artistic event was getting way too artistic! Also, the blend of slide with luck really made no sense at all. But then I found out is actually a cool event, and a good thing I kept my ignorance to myself while the organizers explained everything in details… … Continue reading

PanamaJazz Fest Success!!! Casco Viejo gathered and enjoyed

I think these pictures speak for themselves…. For those who didn´t make it, don´t be too jealous, this could be you, just don´t forget to plan for next year!!!!!  Patrizia Pinzon President Arco Properties www.arcoproperties.com