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Stepping Up: Enlaces Student Presents Choreography

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo To dance, is one thing. To create, another.  To direct your own peers takes a special skill. Now try to do all of it, and, by the way, you are barely a teenager. Yesterday, we went to Enlaces dance program, to see the first choreography fully created, directed and danced by the students. Several pieces woven into one concept: what it is to be born in a place/circumstance vs another.  The result was fantastic, in a world where it seems we don´t find the correct words to talk about our difference, these kids found it … Continue reading

Co Working in Casco Viejo

Casco Antiguo Panama You are a creative professional and so far had been working from home, or working for someone but trying to get more “space” for your own work.  Renting a shared office is not your style, mostly because you might not relate to the type of businesses next to you and synergy depends on having other creative people around that are on the same (or similar!) wavelength. Before you go crazy at home (or at work) consider CascoStation!  It is not a “shared office” nor a “virtual office”.  Is a group of independent creative professionals (artists, web, digital, … Continue reading