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Progress: A Draft – Artshow

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Curated by our friend and neighbor Ramón Zafrani (alias Monchi), this artshow is at Casa Soldado, run by the Spanish Agency of Cooperation.  The show is small but deep: the eternal questions of identity and what progress means dealt with beauty and humor. I particularly liked the pieces by Pilar, which reminded me of those Facebook posts where someone jokes about “what your friends think you do, what your mother thinks you do, what you think you do, what you actually do”.  Can´t miss it!

Flying Poetry: La Tribu Performance at Plaza Herrera

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Saturday and Sunday Plaza Herrera was packed: everyone waiting to see the full show “Cayendo Volando” by La Tribu Performance, an experimental circus group that blends the usual circus acrobatics with aerial dancing. In this case, dancing on top of building facades! The whole show was very well put together, La Tribu worked together with Organización Efímera (Spain), Circo Andante (Perú) and Carolina Cabañas (Costa Rica), together they won the Fondo Iberescena for the arts 2014. It is all about little stories, well weaved, which had the audience moving around the plaza and guessing what … Continue reading

Tomorrow: Aerial dancing & hanging from buildings in Plaza Herrera

Panama, Casco Antiguo, Casco Viejo Tomorrow! April 26th, at 7 p.m. and on Sunday April 27th at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. La Tribu Performance will have a great show at Plaza Herrera: literally dancing while hanging from buildings.  Can´t miss it! Here is their teaser:

Recycling art, urbanism and fashion

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo There was a lot happening this weekend, I`m sorry I couldn´t go to everything. From what I did manage to get to, here were my top picks: The urbanism talk at American Trade Hotel on how social housing can regenerate societies.  I was glad to learn that there are several ongoing projects in Panama trying to apply the concepts discussed in the talk. All based on human scale, not on “car scale”. As in our beloved Casco! The recycling art at MACRO. Yes, everyone came for the fashion, I came for the garbage… Really loved … Continue reading

New Art Space in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo People keep opening spaces to art in Casco Viejo, this time by Miguel Lombardo, right on top of Dodo at Las Bovedas in Plaza Francia. Welcome “Casasola”! The space is featuring right now two art projects, one called “Ferretería Internacional” and the other one re creates an old style pharmacy. For Ferretería, the artist took furniture from an old hardware store and re created furniture almost like a sculpture. The specific hardware store he was re creating actually existed, and he got original pieces from the family who still owned a bunch of stuff. The … Continue reading

Domino Effect by Jonathan Harker and Donna Conlon

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo For months I saw artists Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker rescuing old bricks that were being replaced in Casco Viejo. Carrying them in buckets and then by cart, piling them without giving anything away. Last January 16th, in Diablo Rosso, we could see the final product: their piece “Domino Effect” portrays the bricks falling (or pushing?) through the whole Casco, in a commentary on how the city of Panama is changing, and how Casco Viejo – a World Heritage Site – has fought to keep its authenticity. The bricks “walk you” through Casco, in a … Continue reading

Children`s Art at Silent Auction

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Last night we went to a beautiful silent auction: art pieces made by children from Fundación Calicanto`s dance program called Enlaces. The pieces were made by the children while dancing: canvases stretched on the floor and on the wall, while the children danced with feet and hands wet in paint.  The video was fabulous and so were the results! The paintings will be exhibited at Tántalo for a couple of weeks, so if you are in Casco Viejo, please pass by. It was a very exciting event, congratulations to Enlaces and to all the teachers … Continue reading

Prisma Dance Invades Santa Ana Plaza

Panama, Santa Ana, Casco Viejo I enjoy Santa Ana. It is a mess, but I really like it. The plaza is full of trees, and people just “hangs”.  We were there because of the PRISMA dance festival: they had scheduled a performance at the plaza`s gazebo. While waiting, I took some photos of the whole scene: kids playing with umbrellas, some old folks fully engaged in their board game. The music started and people piled up.  I wished I had a better camera, just to take photos of their faces and expressions! art at work…  

Casa Gongora: Casco`s new Café and Art Gallery

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Casa Gongora is probably the only “100% Spanish Colonial” building (residential) in Casco Viejo. Located at the corner of 4th and Central, the house currently belongs to the government, but we are glad to announce that finally it has been given to the Olga Sinclair Foundation to run it. Downstairs, a lovely café offers lunch (delicious paella on Thursdays!) surrounded by art pieces from different local artists. Upstairs, a space for events and itinerary art shows. Right now, until October 14th, there is an interesting show of Panama`s Young Architects (JAP, in Spanish Jóvenes Arquitectos … Continue reading

Broken Silence and emerging artists at Casona

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo After being a bit “under the weather” , La Casona at Calle 5ta is coming back with a new look and interesting shows. They just closed “Roto el Silencio”, which can be translated into Broken Silence. It consisted on a series of images on top of pallets, all of them about speaking up (or not, and repercussions). I loved how it was arranged, here are some photos. On Friday 9th (tomorrow), they`ll start a different show, this one featuring amateur photographers and art/photography students. It is called “Mirada Emergente”, and you can find more HERE.