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US Market Crushes… Panama Market Raises?

Last week the world went bananas on the trade market. A rollercoaster that has more than one at the edge of a heart attack, it has been really worrysome for all of us to see gigants fall and take with them everything they can. Markets in Asia, Japan and Europe have been affected. In Panama, however, things have been slightly different. Continue reading

Panama News: World Bank invests in Cultural Industries for Casco Antiguo

In many countries, cultural activities fuel tourism, which becomes one of their main economic revenues. With Casco Antiguo, Panama has a unique opportunity to be launched into the world´s cultural map. Check out the details here… Continue reading

Panama´s Economy Growths 8.2%

Panama has been growing very fast for the last 8 years. A “miracle” made by a curious mix of tourism, investment and other countries misfortunes (Alias Venezuela and Chavez or Colombia and the FARC). Although on the short term there´s been a great impulse by the construction sector, consider Panama´s big three big long term fundamental investments: the Panama Canal Expansion project (which has already started), the relocation of the regional office of very important companies such as Caterpillar, Maersk, Dell, Procter and Gamble, Aventis and finally the oil refinary project in Puerto Armuelles… Continue reading

New Business in Casco Viejo: Galería Vida opens up in Calle 4ta next to “Entre Pulgas”

Calle 4ta is getting artsy! Galería Vida is Casco Antiguo´s new kid on the block, next to Entre Pulgas and to Casa Gongora. With years of experience in working with indigenous communities you can get high quality stuff at great prices! Continue reading

Panama Paradise

Multiple websites and adds mention Panama as Paradise. Is it really? what about Casco Viejo? Continue reading

Panama News: $8million for Technology and Innovation Awards and COPA becomes a trainning hub for air pilots of the Region

Panama isn´t regarded as a high- tech country, and if you ask anyone (inside or outside Panama) on how techy our government is they would probably give you a blank look. But something is changing radically from inside out. Senacyt, City of Knowledge and even COPA are making some huge steps forward. Check it out here!
Continue reading

Panama News: Oil companies target Panama

While the Panama Canal Expansion has gotten all the national and international media attention, oil companies like Occidental Petroleum (OXY) and Qatar Petroleum have entered almost through the back door… Continue reading

Panama New Restaurant: Indigo opens at Casco Viejo

A new business has opened in Casco Antiguo! It is called “Indigo”, an oriental-mediterranean fusion restaurant … Where they are, what´s their food, and their unique historic party area! Continue reading

Panama Historic Real Estate: Business with Heart

A neighborhood is such a delicate fabric. Only now is Casco Viejo reaching enough residential critical mass to support, for example, a gourmet grocery store. The community is coming together, a fantastic thing to experience. Not only through making business in the same neighborhood, but also supporting and being active in community programs. I remember someone dear once said: Continue reading

Panama News: Hotel Occupation and Tourism on the Rise

Someone once told me that if he wanted to know who was going to win the elections he would ask a taxi driver. To know how a country is doing on the investment side, my taxi driver is called hotel occupation. Who is showing up and how frequently will tell you a lot about the current state and the future of a place. Check out the latest Panama news! Continue reading