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Beatlemania tomorrow in Danilo Perez Jazz Club

Beatlemania tomorrow in Danilo Perez Jazz Club, just like the love craze born in 1963 for everything Beatles related. Dust off your memories and sharpen up your knowledge because there won’t only be music, there will be trivia.

Holy Week 2016 – Liturgical Celebrations and Concerts

The Committee of Friends of Churches of the Casco Antiguo have put together a list of times and dates for the Litrugical Celebrations during Holy Week. This year Palm Sunday falls on March 20.

Shopping at Avenida Central… the Real Panamanian Experience

I just got the last issue of THE VISITOR/ EL VISITANTE ( http://www.thevisitorpanama.com/) and to my great suprise it features Avenida Central, one of my favorite places in Casco Antiguo. The issue is printed, they take a few days to upload the article to their website, so here it is… hot from the press. Section: Shopping with Patra Kastanopoulos I wronged you! Avenida Central All I actually knew about the pedestrian mall on Avenida Central was “Don´t take anything valuable there!”. So I avoided going. I´m ashamed, embarrassed, and am making amends. The day I visited I was enchanted with … Continue reading

Cinta Costera Panama project on its way: see utube video

For those who thought it would never happen, or that it would take ages… it is real and going forward at full speed. The cinta costera project is a huge park along the coast that involves new lanes to deal with heavy traffic at Balboa Avenue, green areas and most important of it all, it covers all the equipment needed to clean up the bay (meaning new blackwater infrastructure). The video looks like something completely fake and taken out from a Disney fantasy. However, it is true, and they are moving  fast! Check it our at UTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7z6cK_q5b8 Soon they´ll … Continue reading

What to expect on 2008 an economic report from CEPAL (Comision Economica para America Latina y el Caribe)

You can download full reports for each country at: http://www.eclac.org/cgi-bin/getProd.asp?xml=/prensa/noticias/comunicados/5/32025/P32025.xml&xsl=/prensa/tpl/p6f.xsl&base=/tpl/top-bottom.xsl For Panama, here is the summary: In 2007, Panamanian economy grew 9.5%. This is Panama´s 4th year of sustained growth where the GNP per person has incremented 7.7%. For 2008 they are more conservative: estimating an 8.5% growth, still 1% more than what they estimated at the beginning for 2007 which was 7%.  They estimate that the public deficit will remain less than 1% of the GNP. During 2007 public debt was reduced (from 61% to 54%) and public investment increased in programs related to reduce poverty and to moderate … Continue reading

A priviledged lifestyle only available in Casco Viejo

Last night I was sitting in a beautifully restored 300 year old church listening to sacred and Christmas music in a concert given by Musica Viva, a very well known Panamanian choir. It took me 6 minutes to walk from my office to the concert, which lasted an hour, and another 10 minutes to walk back home (I was so sleepy I was walking slowly).  No fuss, no traffic, and a great event in a unique hidden jewel of a colonial city. While sitting there, relaxing to the tones of Bach, Mozart and Scarlatti and humming cheerfully with Handel´s best … Continue reading

Tips to buy in Casco Viejo… Recomendaciones para comprar en el Casco

I often comment on my clients that Casco Antiguo is like Woody Allen: either you hate it or you love it, there is no “in between”. It is definatly not for everyone. For the right person, it is very easy to fall in love with it on their first visit. They get the same feeling as a kid walking into a store with tons of candy, wide smile on their faces, dreams about their restored home.  But… hey! wake up! it takes some serious work and personal honesty to go further this point and succeed. If you decide to get … Continue reading