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$1600 Beautiful 1 Bedroom Casa...


Furnished Rental Casco Viejo: Colonial stone walls everywhere, Unit No. 1 gives you a sense of being... More »

88 Square meters 947.22 Square feet

1.0 bedrooms 1 bathrooms


$2300 Water Views Casa Zarak Apt...


Casco Viejo Apartment For Rent: Two bedrooms, unfurnished, direct water views, full of natural light... More »

107 Square meters 1151.74 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2 bathrooms


$2550 Cuatro Casas Apto #11


Casco Viejo Apartment with Parking for Rent: $2550 unfurnished, $3000 furnished. If you are looking... More »

186 Square meters 2002.09 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2 bathrooms


$3000 Casa Lewis No. 2


Casco Viejo For Rent: Everything about Unit No. 2 is a surprise: nothing you can observe from outside... More »

267 Square meters 2873.96 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms


$4500 Water Views Casa Lewis No...


Casco Viejo For Rent: Plaza Herrera is quickly positioning itself as the place to be: high end hotels... More »

371 Square meters 3993.41 Square feet

4.0 bedrooms 4 bathrooms


Sophisticated Penthouse


Penthouse Casco Viejo: Luxury penthouse sounds simply boring, and frankly, nowadays is just non descriptive... More »

265 Square meters 2852.44 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms