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$1450 Furnished! Hotel Colombia...


Casco Viejo For Rent: Located at the beautiful Hotel Colombia at Plaza Bolivar, this quiet apartment... More »

74 Square meters 796.53 Square feet

1.0 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms


$1800, Two Bedroom, Furnished


Casco Viejo Apartment for Rent: Need a furnished two bedroom? Quiet, well distributed, this apartment... More »

112 Square meters 1205.56 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms


$1800 Two bedroom, Furnished,...


Casco Viejo Apartment For Rent: Corner apartments with balconies are wonderful. On one side, views... More »

82 Square meters 882.64 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms


$1800 Furnished Jeronimo 1


Casco Viejo Apartment for Rent: Beautiful Jerónimo is locatedat the crest of Calle 10ª and B Avenue... More »

97 Square meters 1044.1 Square feet

1.0 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms


Full of Light Casa Perez Apto...


Casco Viejo For Rent: Full of light, this is our favorite apartment at Casa Pérez. Double panned windows... More »

72 Square meters 775 Square feet

Map »


St. George Apt D


This building is right in front of the historic ruins of the Church and Convent of The Compañía de... More »

134 Square meters 1442.36 Square feet

1.0 bedrooms




Looking for a partially furnished two bedroom? Look no further. Corner location allow excellent natural... More »

116 Square meters 1248.61 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2 bathroomsMap »


Casa Neuman Apt 13 Furnished


Casa Neuman is known for its elegant internal patio, reminiscent of Casco´s colonial times. Unit 13... More »

159 Square meters 1711.46 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2 bathrooms


$3600 Casa Lewis No. 3


Casco Viejo For Rent: Casa Lewis is a two building compound with units that range from 1 to 3 bedrooms... More »

276 Square meters 2970.84 Square feet

3.0 bedrooms 4.5 bathrooms


Sophisticated home


For Rent Casco Viejo: New York style apartment, clean line, plenty of natural light, understated sophistication... More »

412 Square meters 4434.73 Square feet

2.0 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms