Panama People II: National female Surf Champion serves as roll model for kids in the neighborhood.

 Panama, Casco Viejo
Casco Antiguo, San Felipe

You would think Casco Antiguo is an unlike place to find surfers, or even more, good ones. However, very few people know not only that we have a wave (a small one!) but also a local national female champion. People in the neighborhood know her as Samantha (like the TV show witch, but not her real name). But don´t be misled by her sweet, quiet personality. When she speaks about surfing or helping the Casco Viejo kids she fires up. Those are her passions.

She taught herself to surf in that unimpressive Casco Viejo wave and today she wins national tournaments and competes internationally. She has become a roll model for younger kids, which she has managed to get interested in surfing as a way to stay out of the streets. By the way, if you are a surfer (and even if you are not) and would like to support her cause, let us know!

This past weekend she won the 3rd prize at Cambutal, Point Break. Two more competitions to go on this round, sometimes she likes competing in the men´s category… and beat them.

Keep the good work Samantha!


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