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Panama`s first gay marriage happens at Casco Viejo

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Agustin Clement and his partner Cesar Pereira became yesterday Panama`s first gay married couple.  The “big news” came out at La Prensa. According to the note, they didn`t do it under the law of Panama, but under the French (of course, one of the partners is French), as they signed the papers at the French Embassy located at Casco Viejo, Panama`s romantic 300 year old colonial city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

The couple signed what they call a “Pacs” for its name in Spanish which means something like a Civil Pact of concubinage and  Solidarity, which grants the couple some of the standard rights of marriage.

According to La Prensa`s interview to Catherine Peck, consul at the French Embassy and Casco Viejo resident it is not a marriage per se but a private contract celebrated among two consenting adults to organize their life in common.  Through the article they explain that this contract allows them to share material possessions and mutual help.

Somehow this explanation made sense for me, and it reminded me of a book I read a while ago “Cuentos Chinos” (Chinese Stories) where  a journalist interviewed an important Chinese Ministry  about China`s sudden economic boom and how it looked more like capitalism than communism. i don`t remember the exact words, but it went something like this: the journalist said to the ministry: “you know, in my country, if it looks like a cat and smells like a cat… it must be a cat”. And the Chinese ministry replied something in the lines of  “well, in China we have a similar saying: it doesn`t matter how it looks like or how it smells like… as long as it gets the mouse”.

Chinese wisdom! … only in Casco Viejo! love my neighborhood!

Inspired by this story and want to get married in Casco Viejo? From first hand experience I can tell you it is great! here are my picks for most romantic hotels in town: Canal House Panama… and opening now!  Las Clementinas!

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