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Pro History Campaign by Panamanian Celebrities

Casco Viejo, Panama, Casco Antiguo For the first time ever, a group of Panamanian celebrities have joined hands to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our history.   From Panama`s former Miss Universe, to writers, painters, journalists and TV presenters, they explain not only the importance history plays in shaping the country`s identity but also talk about the specific importance of Casco Viejo as a World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO. This video has sprouted out of the controversy of a government plan to build a road around Casco Viejo, destroying its natural beaches and endangering its status as an … Continue reading

Casco Viejo nightlife welcomes La Vecindad

Casco Viejo – Panama – Casco Antiguo Real Estate For Sale, For Rent at Panama City`s Historic District   Last week was a hectic one! the opening of Los del Patio and several other events had us going out a lot.  One of the best discoveries of last week was “La Vecindad”, Casco Viejo`s new bar and hangout place at Avenida A, right in front of the Art Deco building between Calle 4ta and 5ta, and next to Bohemios. Run by Nico and Idalibeth from the ex gang in Calle 4ta,  La Vecindad is located in an unrestored building.  Walking … Continue reading

Casco`s Eco Christmas Tree

Casco Viejo Panama Panama Casco Antiguo Real Estate and Lifestyle at Panama`s historic district   Last week, Casco Viejo`s neighborhood association (AVACA) built a Christmas Tree out of recycled bottles. It was built with the help of local kids and Aprojusan (an ngo that works with them providing afterschool programs such as art workshops) as part of AVACA`s goal to create awareness in Casco Viejo about recycling. The association already has a group of restored buildings participating of a recycling program and hopes to join more. This week,  while several offices have displayed different trees to celebrate the holidays, the … Continue reading

Fundacion Calicanto launches Dance Program for Casco Viejo Children

Casco Viejo Panama Panama Casco Antiguo Real Estate and lifestyle at Panama`s Historic City Last night we went to the launch of “Enlaces” at the National Theatre in Casco Viejo.  Enlances is  Calicanto`s newest dance program for children of Casco Viejo. Their goal is to use dance as a tool to learn how to be better, how to grow and deal with their lives.  The program teaches a bit of everything: team work, self esteem, values, even helps them with formal school homework, but always under the fun cover of dance. The night started with a moving video where the … Continue reading

Scouts at Casco Viejo

The Scouts fill in an important space in Panama`s society. Hats off for their work in Casco Viejo! Continue reading

Casco Viejo`s community at Beach Cleanup

Garbage is everywhere. We throw it and nature throws it back at us. But Casco Viejo residents are getting organized to fight it, and to prevent it. Cleaning the beach is only a warm up! Continue reading

Danilo Perez “Providence” is making history

Casco Viejo neighbor Danilo Perez is making history with his new album “Providence”, which “talks” about his fatherhood experience. Danilo is not only a music genius, it is also a great inspiration to children of Casco Viejo. Continue reading

Casco Viejo`s community works with the government to improve garbage collection system.

Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo Real Estate Investment at Panama`s Historic City AVACA, Casco Antiguo`s neighborhood association celebrates its one year birthday this month. At its birth one year ago, the community identified five focus areas, being the garbage disposal one of them. Since then, the association has done different activities (from beach cleaning to educational workshops), many of them side by side with local authorities. However, the recollection system in the neighborhood was working only half way. Tomorrow, AVACA`s Garbage Committee, the City (Municipio), along with Oficina del Casco Antiguo and the support of local politician José Blandón will inaugurate … Continue reading

Fundacion San Felipe´s annual Art Auction: August 17th

Panama Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo Panama Real Estate Investment for sale for rent At Panama´s Historic District Fundación San Felipe is one of the oldest ngo`s working in Casco. Although you might not be aware of them, they are located at the San Felipe church and convent, corner of B Avenue and 4th Street, next to Hotel Colombia. Their major responsibility has been to restore and maintain the San Felipe Neri church (which is beautiful inside!) and run programs for children such as theater and even photography courses. Every year, they hold an important art auction with Latin American painters, … Continue reading

Jazz Fest 2011 in Casco Viejo, Panama

The 8th Edition of the Panama Jazz Festival was announced! This event has grown year after year both in audience and in quality. But it isn´t only about music, but about providing opportunity. Continue reading