Buy a Historic Property in Casco Viejo: Apartments, Condos or a Development Building

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A key element of our mission is encouraging enterpreneurs to invest their energy in Casco Antiguo. We assist individuals and developers to understand the area, its business and regulatory environment and to locate a property that suits their development criteria. Drawing upon our experience restoring our own properties and advising local developers and government agencies, we can provide investors with the information they need to confidently acquire, develop and market historic properties.

Our handbook and Casco Viejo Properties Page are good sources to get started. Please don´t hesitate to contact our agents, even if at an early stage. Casco Viejo is a long term investment and getting to understand, love and decide being part of our community is a process that takes time. We wouldn´t love it any other way.

To discuss any of these options and get more information, please contact us at anytime: or

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