Schools in Panama

Panama’s population reflects its history as a trading hub of the Americas, and so it’s educational offering showcases a little bit of everything.  For those looking seriously to relocate to Panama with their families, finding the right school is the main challenge.

Here is a list of the best known bilingual and even trilingual schools. We have marked (**) those closest to the Casco Antiguo.  Most schools will ask for a personal interview before offering information regarding costs and specific services. However, we present below a small studycase that can serve you as a general guide.

Isaac Rabin

Contact: 317-0060
Address: Clayton, Edif 156  **
Languages: English / French / Hebrew

Oxford International School

Contact: 265-6422
Address: Ave. Federico Boyd **
Languages: English

Las Esclavas

Contact: 317-0048
Address: Clayton, main street **
Languages: English

San Vicente de Paul

Contact: 317-9207
Address: Ave. Omar Torrijos, Ancon **
Languages: English

St. Mary

Contact: 315-0724
Address: Albrook **
Languages: English / French

Instituto Sun Yat Sen

Contact: 236-0255
Address: El Dorado
Languages: English / Mandarin

San Agustin

Contact: 271-4590
Address: Costa del Este
Languages: English

Enrico Fermi

Contact: 302-2014
Address: San Francisco
Languages: Italian/ English

Colegio Javier

Contact: 269-4222
Address: Perejil **
Languages: English

International School of Panama

Contact: 293-3000
Address: Golf Road in Cerro Viento
Languages: English

Balboa Academy

Contact: 211-0035
Address: Clayton **
Languages: English/ French

Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal

Contact: 224-4665
Address: Parque Lefevre
Languages: English

Case Studies

King’s School

While most schools tend to keep their information private until a personal interview is made, there are a few that have volunteered information. This is the case of Kings School, which is located at El Cangrejo, a neighborhood 15 minutes away from Casco Viejo.  In “good Panamanian” they are located in the street that of Hotel El Panama, next to Egypt’s Embassy. Complete information

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