Street Birthday Party

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Loved street birthday parties. One of my earliest memories was hitting a piñata so hard I broke the wooden stick, which ended up hitting an adult several feet away. Hey, no one told him to be that close! Then there is another one, where a piñata finally broke and candies fell from the sky and somehow all of a sudden it was ok to jump in there and grab as much as you could, by force if you needed to. Awesome. But in today`s world, when was the last time you saw a street birthday party? well, actually Saturday in Casco Viejo.

It is such a teasing game. The adults at the top raise and lower the piñata so the baby or the kid can´t get it too easily. But eventually they do, sometimes the adult gave them the opportunity, sometimes (with older kids) they totally had to earn it.  And when the treasure falls down, you can imagine what`s next. Chaos, tears, laughter. And then dance and sharing. Food comes, mothers are on top of everything and everyone sing the famous song, in English first and Spanish later with some salsa tempo and a bonus track about ice cream. Cultural note here: you can´t escape the singing part, even when you are a full grown up, suit and tie adult. You will sing Feliz Cumpleaños. If you are not used to it, my best advice is just to own it!

So here it is: the birthday party we bumped into on Saturday after the Esperanza Tour at Fortaleza. Loved the little kid… so serious, he was swinging like pro baseball player!

piñata cool tour happy bday casco in action



Casco Viejo at Escapes Magazine

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

This month`s edition of Escapes Magazine was devoted to Casco Viejo. Usually you see it in the planes in domestic flights, specially Air Panama.

Enlaces Magazine Casco Viejo Casco viejo destination Casco Viejo sites

Dueling Pianos! Tantalo on Friday

Just got this event… Dueling Pianos!

Where? Tantalo

When? Friday July 18th

Bookings: 262-4030 or

Duelo de Pianos

The Tamarind Room at the Presidential Palace

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

I love learning new things about buildings and history in Casco Viejo. The other day visiting the Tamarind Room at the Presidential Palace, I had the opportunity to see the beautiful paintings by Roberto Lewis, and a whole series of portraits at the adyacent “Yellow Room” of the first “governors” of Panama, previous to the Republic (starting 1874, Panama became the Republic of Panama 1903).

I find it fun and fitting that Roberto chose the humble tamarind to be the center of his painting to depict the tropical life of rural Panama. He was so right. Even though today it is probably the last tree that would come to your mind when thinking about Panama or even the tropics, when I was little there was nothing like tamarind pulp rolled up with sugar. Small and powerful fruit, you don´t need much to get the full scope of benefits. Always surprised how Indian cuisine loves it for sauces, while in Panama we preferred it straight out sweet.  The whole scene depicts the picking of the fruit, and it is used as the official dinning room. The Yellow Room has scenes of the Spanish conquest and it is used more for formal ceremonies.

A tree at the heart of our democracy! Fantastic.

Yellow Room the Conquest Casco Viejo ceremonial Presidents chair Casco Viejo Portraits of governors Casco Viejo roof fresco Casco Viejo Taboga scene Casco Viejo Tamarind Casco Viejo Yellow Room


EnYogame – Free Event at Cuarto Rojo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Anything plan for August 2nd? what about a day enjoying yoga and vegetarian food? join everyone at El Cuarto Rojo at Calle 4ta for free! I`ve been to the events before and it is a great vibe. Do email them to reserve your spot and come early! they have mats, but the best is to bring your own. See more HERE.

Enyogame Agosto 2

Silent Auction: Doors of Casco Viejo Reimagined

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

I`m excited! On July 29th, Casco Viejo`s Neighborhood Association AVACA is holding a special fundraising event: it is a silent auction of original old doors of Casco Viejo, re imagined by amazing local artists.

By re imagined we mean everything: painted, worked at, sculptured, you`ll love it! .I`ve seen some finished already and they are awesome.  And how can they not be? the artists involved are some of Panama`s most recognized names: Amalia Tapia, Eduardo Navarro, Rolo de Sedas, Miky Fabrega , Alexander Wtges, Braulio Matos, Christopher Hancock, Ivan Blasser, Insano, Leslie Nielsen, Maria Camila Bernal and a couple more surprises!

They`ve all plunged into the idea of how to re interpret doors that have so many stories to tell. Each one in an exciting way is weaving their style into the poetry of the door itself. What a unique way to acquire a piece of Casco`s history and Panama`s culture!

You can´t miss this event…

  • Where: American Trade Hall
  • When: July 29th, 8 p.m.
  • Dress code: Coctail Dress
  • Bring: Your checkbook!
  • More info:
  • Can´t come? get someone empowered to bid for you!

Get ready for a beautiful surprise! want to see more? follow AVACA at  their Facebook

Rolo de sedas puertas Puerta 1

Puppy Love! Rescue Accomplished

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Beautiful team work: a month or so ago a stray dog gave birth to seven puppies at a local bar in Plaza Herrera. Saturday night! bar owner his friend were helping the mother with the birth of the little furry puppies.  Once the situation was stable, they shot an email to Casco Viejo`s community association (AVACA) reaching out for help. Immediately, emails exchange, and the puppies plus mom got transferred to a safe area where she was able to nurse them and be cared for.

Everyone rushed into “rescue mission” mode: Mauricio led the team. Food donations came in, Mario helped feed the dogs. People working to get them adopted, including the mother. As per today, all 7 puppies have been placed in loving homes, including the mom.

As a dog lover, my heart gets lifted when I see these examples of the best humans can offer the world. Congratulations and thanks to the whole team!

To Eric, Mauricio, Mario, Melanie, Jennifer & Family, and to all the families who helped and adopted. Thumbs up!

rescue first day sweetheart adopt us big mama curious female1 female blue male1 puppies adoption smile

The Tourists, by Io Carrion and José Lerma

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

check out Diablo Rosso`s new art show! opening tomorrow, from 7 p.m to 9 p.m.

The tourists

Opera Carmen at National Theater

Panama, Casco Antiguo, Casco Viejo

Opera Joven is an organization that promotes opera in Panama. They`ve been active for some years now, and slowly but surely results are being produced.  This month, they`ll be doing a gala night with no more nor less than Carmen! one of my favorite ballets, hoping to see the full version at some point!

Here is the info:


Sembrarte and Camp Wandu in Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

When Frank Ferrer from Sembrarte called me that he had a group of kids to re do Santa Familia`s mural, I could not imagine the injection of cuteness I was about to get.  This activity was in partnership with Camp Wandu, and the first day the group was all five years old or less (is there an age we should name “cupcake size age”?). As we say in Spanish: chiquititos and simply adorable. Very serious, receiving instructions and the whole thing.

As you can see in the photo, they divided the mural into different “areas of responsibility”.  First day, the little kids would paint below. Next two days, older kids would be in charge of the upper areas. The result: terrific! Here are some photos teacher Anamari sent us from Camp Wandu.

Don´t know Camp Wandú? HERE is their website. And HERE is Sembrarte`s.

artistas arriba sembrarte y camp wandu