Thai Massage in Casco by Renu Decap

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Traditional Thai Massage is a combined system that blends ayurvedic principles, yoga postures and even acupressure. A good Thai massage helps you stretch and re gain your flexibility. It doesn´t use lotion, you dress with comfortable clothing and it is a full therapy for your whole body. Wonderful!

Now Casco has Casa Thai, run by Thai therapist Renu Decap. At Portal de Caldas, you can contact her and make reservations at:

Renu is knowledgeable and has that zen energy that will get you to relax instantly. Enjoy!!

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SUP Race at Casco´s Beach

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Dozens of paddle boarders gathered really early this morning for a SUP race organized by Creba.  Thumbs up! by noon the race was over, happy smiley faces everywhere.

casco-viejo-beach-panama casco-viejo-beach casco-viejo-surf foto-by-maru-galvez surf-arco-chato

Hotel Central Opened! Nueve Reinas Restaurant

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

It was a long and bumpy road with Hotel Central. But after more or less 7 years, there was light at the end of the tunel: the hotel is opening! still a couple of weeks more for the rooms to be available to the public, but their main restaurant Nueve Reinas has opened.

It is an Argentinian style restaurant with specialty in meats. We ordered the tuna tataki for some balance. One of our friends ordered her meat red and the other one ordered his meat 3/4. They both loved it.  We ordered tataki and corvina and they were both very good.

Thumbs up and congratulations! looking forward to having the full 135 room operating hotel!

carnes-2 carnes1 corvina hotel-central-casco-antiguo hotel-central-casco-viejo tataki



Swan Lake, as a climate change commentary

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Last Thursday, we went to the Prisma Dance Festival performance at the Anita Villalaz Theatre in Casco Viejo.  Two companies. one from Hungary and one from South Korea. Ferenc Feher from Hungary had an interesting concept based on the Tao Te Ching about humans living in harmony. But it was the South Korean troupe that stole the night with Swan Lake, five swans losing their homes due to pollution, dying at the end of exhaustion. Tchaikovsky´s music had the perfect notes for everything: drama and comedy. But the end was done in silence, as it should be.

What a performance! thanks so much to the Prisma Dance Festival! thumbs up!

Salsa Classes on Sunday at La Buat

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Looking to learn salsa? check this out! La Buat at 12th street is opening salsa classes at 4 p.m. on Sundays. For only $5, tons of fun. Here is the video:

Order your bread at The Panama Baking Factory at Mahalo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

The Panama Baking Factory is awesome, and now you can receive your bread every Wednesday at Mahalo. From ciabatta and sourdough (my favorite) to hamburger bread, everything a phone call/ email away!


Order before Saturday, and receive it by Wednesday.


American Trade Hotel Monthly Newsletter

We recieve the Monthly Newsletter  of October of  American Trade Hotel and want to share it with you:

1. We started the month with Meatless Monday, with the intention of reducing the consumption of meat and improve eating habits.

meatless2. End this week with a delicious cheat meal

sanwiches3. Don´t miss the Mexican Brunch accompanied by a refreshing Paloma and excellent music.mexican

4. Michele Benedetti teaches us the benefits of meditation through Mandalas´ painting

mandala5.For “chocolate lovers”, we have a  La Praline chocolate tasting, accompanied by a pairings of sparkling wines.chocolates6.Try every Thursday from 6:00 pm the exotics cocktails in Throwback Thursdays.tbt7.Enjoy a exquisite trio of ceviches with a glass of wine.ceviche8.Join the workshop with Paola Schmitt – Coach of life, on October  17 thpaola9.Forget the Diet on October 21 with  #cheatmealfridayburgers

10.On October 23 we bring you a surprise brunchbrunch

11.Daniela workshop focused on vocal warm-upsdaniela-amado12.Unique Idania Dowman will give us a tribute to Celia Cruz. Limited seats


Benissimo Gelato & Caffe comes to Ave A

Friday night was the official  opening for Benissimo Gelato & Caffe on the  corner of Avenida A and Calle 4.   After one taste, the coconut became an instant favorite. Bits of coconut are there down to the last lick.  Besides gelato, choose from their bacon mozzarella waffle or waffle with nutella con banano accompanied by  a cappuccino.  On Saturday, I dropped in for a panini de pavo as more than 100 assorted motorcycles roared through the Casco. Stop by, introduce yourself to Jose Manuel and his staff.


Upcoming events! Urbanism, Contorsionism, Fidel Castro

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Urbanism, contorsionism and Fidel Castro, we are closing September with good stuff!

September 23rd: the City will present at Casa Soldado their vision and plan to revitalize Panama´s historic centre.


September 28th: And Casa Sola, at Plaza Francia, will hold a really cool collection of photos of Fidel Castro by Venancio :


October 1st: Contorsionism and flexibility workshop at El Cuarto Rojo:


Old Maps of Panama at Casa Soldado

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

275 maps including a map by Juan de la Cosa back in 1501 (he was the pilot for Christopher Columbus) are being shown at Casa Soldado, Las Bóvedas. Each one with an interesting story behind, weaving the history of the “New World” and Panama.  La Estrella article mentioned, for example, that in 1574, Panama became the first “country” in America to have a map of its current territory. And then there are others like the route for “el polvo de oro” (golden dust) and so on. If you love history, you´ll enjoy this exhibit!

See the article from La ESTRELLA HERE

More about Casa Soldado HERE