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Crema y Nata , Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo The Riba Smith group opened this week a small ice cream store in Casco Viejo! Located at Plaza Herrera, it has ice creams with very Panamanian fruits such as Jobo and Nance. Welcome Crema y Nata!

Great Start for 2017!

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo All of a sudden… puf! we are in 2017!  as in many places around the World, Panama is full of traditions to ensure a great start for 2017. From saving the seeds in 12 grapes (counting them, and buying a lottery ticket with the number), to exploding a life size doll packed with “bombitas” (fireworks… for those who like extreme sports), my favorites are always around the colorful foods that are available only in December. Going to the beach also ranks pretty high.  There is an important exodus that happens that week to every single … Continue reading

A New Concept in Casco, Lust Sneaker Store

 LUST is a boutique specialized in  limited edition SNEAKERS. They have the best selection of the brands that they handle. This is the first approach with clients of Central América; They presented one of the most  expected edition in the year, the release of AIR JORDAN XI ¨Space Jam¨ as exclusive in Panama City. This was only the first step to what will be Lust Sneaker Store, in Casco Viejo, I share the links of the other branches so that they can give you an idea of what is coming in future for this project. Lust CDMX Lust Colonia Roma … Continue reading


As a curious fact, in 1873, the brother´s company Shuber began the construction and finished works in 1874, baptizing the building as the Grand Hotel Central, now known as Central Hotel Panama. In 1878, the hotel was destroyed by a fire that started by a detonation in the pharmacy located in one of the local commercials inside the hotel. The hotel was rebuilt and opened again in 1884. The new hotel boasts all of 19th century Europeanizing modernity. The most striking element of the hotel was the interior courtyard “The Palm Garden”, it was a tourist attraction and the meeting … Continue reading