Shingi shows at MACRO

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

People in the neighborhood knows him as Shingi, o El Flaco. He earns a living washing cars and as a watchman for properties. His address is always changing, but you can find him most of the time at the same corner, by El Colegio.

He was born Manuel Sacramento, and a he is a street artist. He´s been producing paintings and drawings of Casco Viejo and life in general. Using everything he can get his hands on,  I´ve heard he´s even used melted candy to paint when didn´t have money to buy proper paint.  This week, his works are being shown at Casa Soldado for MACRO festival, along with other local and international artists.

Several things makes his street art special to us. His blending of nature and buildings in Casco, his optimistic, colorful palette, no matter how hard life might be for him at any given moment.

We would like to thank Casa Soldado and MACRO for including Shingi´s work on their show. It was awesome! congratulations Shingi!

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