Danilo Perez awarded at Universidad de Panama

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Last night, musician and grammy award winner Danilo Perez was awarded at Universidad de Panama with an Honoris Causa degree to celebrate his prolific career and beautiful achievements.  La Prensa published a note, where Danilo is quoted: “stop thinking of art as a simple ornament to public life”.  Danilo, who has made his life about how to provoke social change through music, has also been an advocate of music as a path to inner truth,  team work and cultural change. As he once told us about corruption and education: most people in jail for corruption are people with high education degrees. It is not an issue of education, but of culture. And that is where art can be most effective.

Congratulations Danilo for the award, but above all, thanks for bringing your amazing energy to Casco Viejo and helping bring the best of our culture out.

La Prensa Note: http://www.prensa.com/entretenimiento/Danilo-Doctor-Honoris-Universidad-Panama_0_4396810431.html




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