Succesful Paseo Urbano Casco Viejo

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Yesterday Casco was packed with young people running from one place to the other. Casco´s first urban market was about to open. I went early to see all the activity, that ended up around 10 p.m.  This is an exciting time. Young entrepreneurs are forming startups with really good product. From fashion to chocolate, beer, ice cream, beauty products, wood products, event organizers and – of course! – music.

Here are some of the brands/stores that were there:

Super Gourmet, Casco Viejo

Viene Fashion Truck  @vienefashiontruck



Happy Verde (Juices) @happyverde

Pure Panama  @Pure Panama Oils

Hikari Joyas  @hikariarteenjoyas

Canela Swim Wear PTY

Duros Gorumet – HardCheese´s @hardcheesepty



Junk Bar Panama @junkbarpanama

Casco Viejo wood 1 Casco Viejo wood Chocolate Casa Bruja Fashion Truck 2 fashion truck casco viejo fashion truck plus panorama pintadera casco viejo Super G y Chispa



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