New Year in Casco Viejo: tips, what and where

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New Year is here! crazy traffic everywhere, tons of things happening (all at once). Casco will have several events, so here is a bit of a map of who is doing what… and tips!

Tip No. 1: Don´t drive. Uber, MiChofer, Taxi. Just avoid the stress of being behind the wheel, and then being behind the wheel with more than one glass of wine! Enjoy your fullest, and forget about driving. If you are out in a group and someone offered to be the designated driver, fantastic!

Tip No. 2: If you are the designated driver, don´t waste your time looking for street parking. Just drop off the car at any of Casco Parking´s booths. The easiest one is at the American Trade Hotel.  All of their valet parking drivers are insured, and your car will be parked inside a parking lot managed by the company. NOT in the street, where it can be hit, scratched, etc.  Look for the Casco Parking valets, they wear a distinctive blue with the logo.  If you think that parking on the street is “for free”, think again: you will be “charged” by a local the same or double, and he will not be responsible if anything happens. Even more, he´ll try to park you in illegal spots, which could be fined by the authorities or even sent to be removed.

What, where, when, how…. here it is! remember to also check Facebook, tons of events there.

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