Casco´s Nativity Scenes

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

When I grew up, it was tradition to set up a nativity scene at home. It was an amazing process, milk boxes used to come printed with stars and houses so you could cut them and make your little town. You could add then all the classic figurines, plus toys. Somehow the scene always ended up with Transformers and dinosaurs.  I remembered laughing at how all the animals being from different toy sets, they were all larger than people. Godzilla? yeah, why not.

But the main treat was to go tour the neighborhood and see the unbelievable nativity scenes that some people built in their garage. Literally: OMG.  It was tons of fun, the whole town with exact replicas of everything, including working water mills, etc.

Last night, I bumped into one of those amazingly well done nativity scenes. It is at the San Felipe Neri church (inside the house next to it, but you have to enter through the church).  It is open to the general public all day, until 8 p.m. or so. If you are in town, with or without kids, go take a look! it is awesome.

Casco Viejo Belen Casco Viejo Church IMG_4639 nacimiento Nacimiento Casco Viejo

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