Fun Events This Week: Day at the Bay, Theater, Thanksgiving

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Awesome weekend, and awesome week! Yesterday, the environmental ngo led the organization of a Day at the Bay, which is a community initiative where everyone “shows up” at Casco Viejo´s beach and … enjoys! yoga, circus, and beach games, the day was impeccable and tons of fun!

dia en bahia

Last night, Las Clementinas had a special evening, where theater mixed with your dinner. Loved the concept of the actors using the whole house as their stage, while people watched and had dinner. Fantastic!

IMG_4033 IMG_4035

And yes, Casco Viejo´s neighborhood association (AVACA´s) Thanksgiving is coming! if you just moved to Casco, this is a great event to get to meet everyone. Bring food and a bottle of wine!


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