Prisma speaks love!

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Last night was the closing of the PRISMA contemporary dance festival. It was simply the best contemporary dance performance I´ve ever seen.  And I think I´ve seen quite a few including really bad, really weird and really good!

Technique beyond amazing, strong concept, amazing coreography, comand of stage and audience. The company was Last Time from Belgium, and the  piece was called Speak Low if you Speak Love by Wim Wandekeybus.  Like a book you enjoy every chapter and you think you know who it is going to end but it surprises you, this piece was all about love (something you recognize or you think you know). This was the type of performance you have to see live. No way a video would convey the roaller coaster of emotions,  where you almost felt you had to “buckle up” for the ride of sweetness, anger, happiness, innocence, strangeness, comedy, vulnerability and the simple truth revealed at the end.

Live music on stage, musicians and singers were part of this almost mystical forest where bits of love lived in all their mighty power.  There is something about how live music hits you, it is a whole different experience and vibe.

Congratulations to the PRISMA team, I know they work hard all year and this was a tremendous effort. Last night´s standing ovation goes to all of you!

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