Biodigestor at San Felipe Neri

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

I am impressed. Finally, a biodigestor at the San Felipe Market! the Basura Cero program from the Major´s office has installed the first biodigestor as a prototipe to apply to the rest of the city´s markets. This is a huge step that took into account suggestions made from our community. The markets are known to produce a lot of organic garbage, that inevitably ends up on our streets.

This bio digestor is reported to have a capacity of 2.5m3 and can process up to 45 pounds daily.

We are glad that the Major´s office has taken Casco Viejo as the perfect place to try out this technology. This, along with a pilot program from the Garbage Authority that has raised the garbage recollection frequency is helping Casco get closer to the goal: Basura Cero – Zero Garbage.

HERE is the note from the Municipio

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