PRISMA Dance Festival 2015

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

This year, the PRISMA dance festival will be from Oct 13th to 19th. Unfortunately, we won´t have the National Theater working, as it is closed for repairs. But the Anita Villalaz will host several performances, and at most of the nights they´ll have talks after the presentation.

Groups this year will include: Colectivo CLA (Costa Rica), Collective 605 (Canada), Cuenca Lauro (Germany, Italy, Colombia), Periferia (Colombia), Los Innato (Costa Rica), Hur y Can (Spain), Dinamo Danza (Spain) Wim Vandekeybus (Belgium), Shin Eun-Ju Dance Company (South Korea) and Cie Burnout (France). From Panama: Milvia Martínez and Omaris Mariña.


This is Milvia at Teoría de Vuelo


CieBurnout (France)

Cuenca Lauro (Italy – Colombia)

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