Historic photos are always fun!

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Historic photos are always so much fun! when you know the area, they are always interesting. These I bumped into the office of a friend who said that clients loved them. I was surprised by the beauty of the balconies of the buildings towards Plaza 5 de Mayo. If you notice, they are very much like the ones in Colón, where the arches extended over the sidewalk, offering shade and protection from the rain. So needed in this tropical environment. Apparently, a number of these buildings used to be this way, but they were cut back when the road was widened because of the increase on vehicles.  When looking back, it is always astonishing how cars have ended up shaping our cities, and cutting down beauty.

The question now is: how can we bring this back?

balcones Plaza 5 Mayo

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