Amazing Oceans at Your Reach

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

We went to Iceland a while ago, and thought was how incredibly beautiful the Blue Lagoon was. Every photo and add showed it exactly the way it was.  This is how I feel about Pearl Islands, it is every bit of amazing as you see it in the video posted below. Now, with Casco Charters, this experience is only 45 minutes away from you. You can take a trip on their Maramesa from Flamigo, or straight out from Casco Viejo if you book the smaller boat and go to Taboga (this takes only 20 minutes).  Fishing, whale watching, island hoping, you name it!

Check out their website: Casco Charters HERE

But their Facebook has these amazing videos you need to watch: FACEBOOK

Casco Charters 1 Casco Charters 2 Casco Charters 3


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