Wayne Shorter, Danilo Pérez, Danni Clovis… stage on fire!

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Sunday morning we woke up and we couldn´t believe the weekend we just had. What a historic moment for Panama! international music stars, legends like Wayne Shorter in our own backyard, playing amazing music, having fun. From the Danilo Perez Jazz Club special night with Wayne Shorter, to the Percussion Festival at the Anita Villalaz with musicians such as Danni Clovis and Jimmie Morales. We enjoyed every single moment, and everyone stood up to the challenge.  Still speechless for local new young talent coming out of the Danilo Perez Foundation: Richard Santamaría.  What a kid… remember that name!

But the absolute best was to see them all together, when Danilo took the piano for a last jamming with everyone. The stage was on fire!


Danilo y Jimmy Morales Danny Clover marcopignataro nathali campbell patricia zarate richard santamaria wayne and danilo wayne shorter panama

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