Casco Viejo at Latin America´s Most Beautiful Neighborhoods

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Love it! the Mexican website “Mi Nube” has issued a list of Latin America´s  top 20 most beautiful neighborhoods.  HERE you can find the full article.  Panama´s Casco Viejo was listed side by side with Havana, Cuba. We have dedicated a couple of blog postings pointing out the similarities between both historic cities. Click on the article, and go to each one. The beauty of Panama is that is a hub, so it has direct flights from a bunch of places, making it an easy headquarter to visit the region. Want a tip? if you are flying COPA from your home country and you are going to a country in SouthAmerica (for example), they´ll give you a stop for free in Panama. That way you can stay a few days here, at no extra cost!

DSC02620 guayacanes Casco Viejo


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