Rainy season is here! Weekend photos

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Raining like crazy, finally. Panama gets so hot just before the rainy season starts, I´m glad to see big, thick  drops of water falling from the sky, clearing everything up, reminding us the natural cycle that allows us to have such a lush rainforest and splendid biodiversity. One more week of just “waiting” and I think we would have turned into popcorn. Maybe steamed rice would be a better comparison. No Yin without Yang!

Good time to post photos! here are some from this weekend´s race Ruta de las Plazas and from San Felipe´s patron saint day (May 26th).  Check out the beautiful light, perfect day. Rain in Panama might be powerful, but most of the time it only lasts a powerful 20 minutes. Just enough for you to try and look for your umbrella.

IMG_1606 personification San Felipe

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