Our Casco Viejo “America`s Summit”

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

While I know the whole world was focused on the Obama – Castro meeting, and while I have to admit bumping into Bill Clinton walking down through Central Avenue and 9th was a unique experience… I have to admit it was Eusebio Leal`s visit that got Casconians excited. The room was packed, applause sprouted as the famous Historiador de la Habana shared his vision and work.

Two favorite moments: when he told the story of Habana being founded under a tree… and then showed the photo of the tree, which is still there and an object of celebration, and when he said that a historic city must be a lived city, not Disney. And that if we strive for that, then we`ll be lost.

I also loved the slide showing the trade routes from the America`s to Europe.  We should declare Casco Viejo and Habana Vieja sister cities! we share so much: cultural and architectural eclecticism wrapped in our history as trading ports.

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