Beautiful and Meaningful: Welcome Franklin Panamá and the new Papiro y Yo

Panama Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

We are so excited about this! One of Casco`s beloved gift stores is expanding. Papiro y Yo just moved this week to A Avenue, in front of Reprosa. The best? they joined hands with Franklin Panama, an exquisite line of mola silk scarfs, the only brand that has authorization and seal of approval by the Guna General Congress. This is the type of beautiful and meaningful stores that are so perfect for Casco Viejo.

For those of you who don´t know Papiro and the work they do, all their products are hand made by women in the central provinces of Panama, deep in the country side. If you are interested in products and businesses that are truly fair trade, Zaira Lombardo, the owner, runs a social project where she trains them and helps market and sell their product. Finally, after years quietly doing it, she has put together a video that brings us goosebumps. This is so hard, and yet it is put together so effortlessly.  The same goes with Anna at Franklin Panama.

As said, the store looks awesome. When you enter, you want to buy everything.  This is the kind of stuff you not only buy as gifts for others, but can decorate your home with, wear every day, or to special occasions, with pride.

If you want to learn more about Franklin Panama, CLICK HERE.

And click HERE for Papiro`s FACEBOOK PAGE and below for the video:

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