New Businesses in Casco!

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

New start ups hit town!

El Maná: Home made, Panamanian food delivered to your office or home in Casco. Healthy options included! daily menu starting at $3.75, seafood options on Fridays $4.50.  Call Yves Becerra at: 6344-1808 / 6410-2978

Hope SeaFood:  Seafood delivery to your restaurant or home. By Martín Williams and Juan Acevedo. Their product comes straight from the boat, as their family members are fishermen. Restaurants that are using this service are Manolo Caracol, Donde José, Las Clementinas and Super Gourmet. Tel. 6805-2773 (Martin/ Juan 6252-3869

Delivery Casco: Mini mobile store that roams the Casco offering everyday items, from soda to bubble gum. His edge? he`ll deliver anything for you within the Casco.  No more running around on a busy day, just call Samuel Palacio at 6344-1812 and use his messenger service.

What you might not know, is that these three entrepreneurs belong to a social re integration program called Esperanza. If you are surprised and curious about how this works. CLICK HERE!

El Maná Flyer 5 x 7

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