Dressing Casco Viejo Style

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

A few months ago I challenged myself to wear at work “made or bought in Casco Viejo”.  I am no fashion designer and very far from setting any trend anywhere. But I thought it would be fun, a “visual proof” of how Casco is growing to accommodate retail in a meaningful way. Designers here have taken stuff I took them (upcycling shirts, fabrics) and done very cute things out of it. There is talent, and I`m excited about updating my closet where every piece “matters”.

Mamitas: Shirt bought at Gisela Sanchez store located at 6th street and A avenue, next to the yogurt place. Skirt done by Gisela, from an old guayabera shirt.

Mamitas Casco Viejo

And today!

Pants: Mamita`s, made by Gisela Sánchez, Shirt: Guayabera by No Me Olvides (at calle 4ta and A Avenue), Accessories (purse and necklace) by Papiro y Yo. Dog Model: Chispa. Location: Arco Properties!

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