Casco Viejo Kids enter National Dance Competition.

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

Danza Activa is a dance competition that has been around now for about 5 years in Panama. Last year it had about 300 participants including dancers from Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the United States.

“Enlaces” is the dance program from Fundación Calicanto, that through dance opens doors to a different world and in doing so prevents crime with children from high risk areas. It is all about education and prevention, a big component on self esteem.

The program now has a couple of years running with quiet success. Some of their students have already participated in performances such as Nutcracker shoulder to shoulder with professional dancers from Panama`s National Ballet. Having a group of them competing this year with other dancers at Danza Activa is an amazing achievement.

Our congratulations to the Enlaces team at Fundación Calicanto!

Danza Activa Casco Viejo



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