Recycling art, urbanism and fashion

Panama, Casco Viejo, Casco Antiguo

There was a lot happening this weekend, I`m sorry I couldn´t go to everything. From what I did manage to get to, here were my top picks:

The urbanism talk at American Trade Hotel on how social housing can regenerate societies.  I was glad to learn that there are several ongoing projects in Panama trying to apply the concepts discussed in the talk. All based on human scale, not on “car scale”. As in our beloved Casco!


The recycling art at MACRO. Yes, everyone came for the fashion, I came for the garbage… Really loved the plastic bottle sculptures at the park! Turtles, dolphins, capibaras and more out of water plastic bottles. Heard San Francisco (USA) banned them? What a bold step! we do need some inspiration…

There was also Jonathan Harker`s & Donna Conlon`s video called “Domino Effect”. It was cleverly projected at the side of La Merced Church, where people gathered to enjoy it.  Have to say, it has an hypnotizing effect! It will be one of the pieces traveling soon to be shown at Art Basel, Miami.

video art casco viejo art casco viejo IMG_6116 plastic bottle turtle casco viejo recycling art casco viejo



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